Why AppNeta?
Proactive monitoring for any application, network, datacenter or cloud

Top reasons to use AppNeta for application and network monitoring

AppNeta provides end user performance monitoring solutions for your business critical applications over any network. Using AppNeta, IT and Network Operations teams have access to essential performance data to monitor and measure the performance of their web, mobile and cloud-delivered application environments. Use AppNeta to:

  • Monitor the end user experience of web and SaaS applications
  • Monitor application and network performance for remote locations or workers
  • Gain application and network insights for applications deployed between a traditional datacenter and cloud environments
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The AppNeta Difference: TruPath™

TruPath is a unique and patented technology that provides active, continuous and low overhead real-time network performance for every hop in the network path. Unlike traditional device-centric solutions, TruPath can provide deep insight regardless of whether or not the network is private or public.

TruPath provides continuous monitoring through every hop in the network path


Application & network usage

Got latency? We’ve got answers. Gain an understanding of your application ecosystem. Answer key questions - who, what, when and where - to gain visibility and proactively learn what critical applications are in use regularly across your locations and their impacts on your network. Never be surprised by what’s running on your network again or its impacts.

End-user experience monitoring

Users report issues, not networks. So why use tools that only give network visibility? AppNeta’s solution combines synthetics with network insights to give you application and network performance, for any web-based application, as experienced by your users. Prevent app and network performance issues from developing into user experience issues and stop service tickets cold in their tracks.

SaaS application monitoring

Monitor and troubleshoot any app like it’s your own. Understand the performance and end-user experience of your business critical apps, even if those apps are SaaS-delivered or running in the cloud. Stop wasting time and prevent finger pointing between IT teams by isolating issues to the application or network. From your headquarters to employees on the go, ensure everything is working exactly as if you had built it yourself.

Network path monitoring

Troubleshoot the health of your IT roads and superhighways. Our patented packet train dispersion technology gives you hop-by-hop visibility across the LAN and WAN and into any service or web application including IaaS, PaaS, SaaS etc. Prevent finger pointing service tickets by quickly identifying and isolating issues on specific hops before they impact other users and other teams.

WiFi end-user experience monitoring

Address the elephant in the room. WiFi is here to stay. And we are the only tool that allows you to monitor critical WiFi connections (main office, guest, etc.) like any other network in your ecosystem by monitoring the user experience across them. Get standard network metrics such as latency, capacity, response time and more. Curtail BYOD disruptions with visibility into the devices generating traffic. Compare and contrast your WiFi experience with your wired connections and quickly get to the root of any WiFi performance issues.

How Customers use APM for IT

Monitors critical application quality for global customer service locations.

Prevents user experience fires and keeps the company focused on strategic initiatives by ensuring quality business critical application delivery to dozens of global offices.
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Continuously monitors WAN performance between corporate sites.


End-to-end, hop-by-hop visibility and SLA tracking on any network

Keep your application providers honest and ensure you are guaranteeing SLAs for your own applications. Combine performance metrics from multiple layers of the stack and correlate issues that affect the user experience of hosted services, IaaS, PaaS and web applications.

Brilliant end-user experience monitoring with synthetics

Measure performance, functionality and availability from the user’s perspective with a real web browser, directly from your users’ locations. Get started monitoring the most popular business critical SaaS application in a couple of clicks with our Quick Start Synthetic Workflows for Salesforce, Office 365 and many more.

  • AppNeta provides complete end-to-end visibility

Intelligent application identification, beyond netflow, with real user data

Know exactly which applications are running, company-wide. Using deep packet inspection, identify over 1,400 apps, the users running them and their performance, all with minimal configuration.

Fast, flexible and scalable deployment

Quickly get started monitoring and troubleshooting with our “plug” and play physical and virtual appliances. Focus on the larger strategic picture as our dedicated machines measure performance across all your global locations and send it up to the AppNeta cloud for analysis. With limited to no configuration needed, you can scale with ease across global locations.

Quick Start Synthetic Workflows

  • Salesforce
  • Office 365
  • Service Now
  • Athena Health
  • Google Apps

APM For IT: Products


Identify and correlate application usage to network bandwidth consumption.

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Synthetically monitor the end-user experience of any web application.

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Proactive monitoring and troubleshooting across the entire app network path, from your users to the application

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How We Deploy

AppNeta appliances offer a flexible and scalable deployment model for our clients. Included with all APM for IT products, our appliances are end-stations that measure network and application performance and deliver the measurements to AppNeta for analysis. We have physical as well as virtual appliances available for quick deployment.

Our physical appliances run monitoring software on dedicated hardware; we ship them to you, and you install them on your premises. Minimal to no configuration is needed to get started, allowing for quick and easy scalability as you grow.

AppNeta physical appliance for application and network monitoring

Getting Started

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