What Makes AppNeta Different?

AppNeta is a SaaS platform that enables large enterprises to gain visibility into their business-critical applications as experienced from remote offices and to understand how the networks that drive them operate.

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AppNeta sees your cloud, web and SaaS applications to monitor traffic levels over time

Identify your top applications by office to monitor traffic levels over time 

Active and Passive Monitoring

AppNeta’s 4-dimensional monitoring helps customers solve complicated network problems quickly to get employees back to business-critical activities that drive revenue. Automatic diagnostics and end-to-end visibility reduce the time IT spends resolving issues, including validation and enforcement of third party vendor SLAs to avoid overspending on connectivity.

  • Combined path, packet, web and flow data for complete user-experience visibility from a single device
  • Get active, continuous end-to-end measurement of network health, performance, and availability
  • Ensure you have the data available to determine the root cause of performance issues
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Network KPIs without the Overhead

AppNeta provides actionable insights to automatically pinpoint network or app problems through a combination of active synthetics and passive traffic analysis. AppNeta collects critical network data without impacting overhead, resulting in lower internal resource costs and getting knowledge workers back to revenue-producing activities quickly with faster issue resolution.

  • Continuous, active network analysis delivering granularity to 15 seconds
  • Accurate capacity measurements using only 2 kbps of traffic
  • Secure, compressed, and automatic identification and analysis of more than 2000 applications limits the risk of rogue applications impacting user experience
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Get the top network and application delivery metrics into the cloud

Top network and application delivery metrics for every hop along the way

Steve Aichelmann, Senior Director of IT Infrastructure, CyrusOne

We can see what’s going on with more than one application, and the speed at which we can react is dramatically improved. We have the tools available and can pinpoint where the problem is—rather than having a broad paintbrush approach.

—Steve Aichelmann, Senior Director of IT Infrastructure, CyrusOne

Monitoring tools from AppNeta come with physical and virtual deployment options for any architecture

Physical and virtual deployment options for any architecture

Flexible Deployment of Purpose-Built Monitoring Points

With remote deployment and management of Monitoring Points, AppNeta minimizes the impact on remote locations with quicker deployment and less effort than competing solutions, ultimately driving faster return on investment. This ease of deployment ensures broad monitoring coverage that evolves with your changing environment, including out-of-the-box support for SD-WAN and ISP validation use cases.

  • Monitor any wired or wireless network, from small remote locations to 100Gbps data centers
  • Leverage physical, virtual, software, container, or global monitoring deployment options
  • Options for public cloud or on-prem private deployment
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Predictable TCO

AppNeta offers all product capabilities in a single annual subscription, which includes support, continuous product updates, unlimited user accounts, and warrantied hardware for the term of the subscription. AppNeta enables full coverage of the network (and predictable costs if you need to expand) with a straightforward pricing model based on number of locations and apps monitored.

  • No hidden costs or incremental fees for different types of testing or monitoring
  • Includes integration with existing tools and full API access
  • No additional maintenance because the hardware is warrantied throughout the subscription
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Proven Scalability

With proven deployment at the world’s largest enterprises, AppNeta customers have the confidence and comprehensive visibility needed when and where issues arise. Better user experience at all locations ensures revenue-producing activities are not disrupted and reduces the cost involved with sending staff to remote sites for troubleshooting.

  • Monitor user experience across thousands of locations and applications
  • Scale from the smallest remote office to the largest 100G data center
  • Get comprehensive visibility without impacting user experience with high frequency testing and low overhead
  • Avoid costs of ripping and replacing a monitoring system that can’t grow with you
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AppNeta goes beyond a device-centric approach to experience the network the same way applications and users do to provide a true picture of end-to-end performance and network delivery.