Redefining the WAN:

DIA, SD-WAN and the future of enterprise networking
Tuesday, June 25th

The enterprise WAN of today looks very different than it did even just a few years ago. While hub-and-spoke architectures built around a centralized data center at HQ used to be the go-to model for enterprise networks, teams are quickly retiring their legacy hardware in favor of new techniques, from direct internet access (DIA) to SD-WAN.

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John Tewfik
Senior Sales Engineer

John is a Senior Sales Engineer with AppNeta. With over 15 years experience working with Networks, Systems and at Software Companies. With a background in network technology and a passion for solving problems, he gets to do both every day at AppNeta.

Alec Pinkham
Director of Product Marketing

Alec Pinkham is the Director of Product Marketing for AppNeta. Alec is in technical marketing coming from a background in product management, software, and mechanical engineering. Off the clock, he is an avid reader, skier, and scotch drinker.