Always Evolving: What’s New From AppNeta

Wednesday, January 22nd

We have infused AppNeta Performance Manager with a host of new features, from capabilities to help monitor your data centers to more granular reporting.

Join our webinar to hear the latest from the engineers and product managers making it happen, and to learn:

  • How to more easily gain visibility into data centers and “backbone” networks with our latest monitoring points
  • How to create and manage network paths in bulk
  • How to better report on the status of network and application performance to users, customers and partners


Dean Jackson
Senior Product Manager

Dean is a Senior Product Manager at AppNeta. He has worked in networking for 24 years(!), first as a hardware designer, then engineering management, then product managing SaaS products. Outside work, Dean rocks out on his guitar which he has been playing since age 8. Sometimes in bands but mostly at stadium volume in his lounge room!

Brian Smith
Product Manager

Brian is a Product Manager at AppNeta with a background leading product development in networking, storage and enterprise data management. Brian enjoys running and cycling, and anything else that improves his chances of keeping up with an active 9 year old daughter.​

Sean Hall
Product Manager

Sean Hall is a Product Manager for AppNeta. He has a long a varied history with AppNeta where he spent several years working in customer care and technical support, working closely with hundreds of customers to solve their network and application problems. Sean enjoys photography by capturing moments of travel, nature, and adventure.