Network Performance Monitoring

See detailed performance of every network hop for any application

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WAN Monitoring

End-to-End Monitoring for Any Location

The combination of SaaS app adoption and cloud migration has put the WAN squarely in the path of almost every business application today. With the wider internet often separating users from their apps, IT Ops needs better visibility into every hop in the network to find the root cause of issues. AppNeta measures across all connections, including hop-by-hop data on the actual application delivery path, of any business-critical app you use.

Try Low-Impact, Continuous Monitoring

AppNeta uses a low-overhead monitoring approach that runs continuously, starting at 30-50 packets per minute and auto-escalating when issues are found. This low-impact method allows for better trending over time than methods like SNMP. AppNeta’s method also doesn’t affect usability of the network like flooding tools.

Live Capacity: Boston -> Vancouver

Live Capacity: Vancouver -> Boston

WAN Monitoring for Modern Businesses

See the Actual Application Delivery Path

AppNeta uses active, on-the-wire monitoring over the actual application delivery path, including WiFi, LAN, WAN, IPSec VPN, SSL VPN and even through software-defined networks (SD-WAN). AppNeta allows you to view the exact route used to transfer data, and save the route over time. That way, you get the most complete picture of application delivery so that you can solve issues faster. You can identify the exact route that application traffic took last week from a remote office, even if you just discovered the app existed.

Get Actionable Diagnostic Information

With AppNeta's hop-by-hop analysis of app delivery paths, you can see essential metrics like capacity, jitter, latency, data loss and others for hops you don't own. Our deep diagnostics run automatically when any alert threshold is violated, so you don't have to guess where issues occurred, no matter which network you're using. With bi-directional monitoring you can also see asymmetry between upload and download in your traffic patterns.

Use ISP Monitoring and Issue Detection

Distributed enterprises interact with multiple ISPs to access the internet and centralized apps. Even small companies that rely on SaaS apps or external data centers can use redundant ISPs for reliability. AppNeta detects the ISP in use as well as metrics like QoS to determine if your settings are honored from source to destination.