TruPath Powers Better Performance

AppNeta's patented TruPath is the core technology of AppNeta Performance Manager. We've built the only tool that gives visibility into the public internet. TruPath is the reason that AppNeta can see into cloud providers' networks and into SaaS applications. It works for both dual-ended and single-ended network paths. Beyond visibility, TruPath provides diagnostic detail for any issues. Our users get active, low-overhead network performance monitoring, in real-time and through every network hop. AppNeta's powerful technology lets you see much more than typical monitoring tools.

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For really gauging end-user experience today, legacy technologies simply do not work. SaaS and web apps don't run on site, so IT teams can't access the devices used to deliver those web-based applications to end users. TruPath gives you the complete application's view of your network performance. Find more details on TruPath technology.

This is a summary of the core of TruPath: Packet Train Dispersion, AppNeta's unique monitoring technology

Summary of the core of TruPath: Packet Train Dispersion

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From a technical perspective, AppNeta provides an effective, reliable indicator of network availability across our widely distributed physical locations. From a non-technical perspective, AppNeta customer support remains continuously and positively engaged with us.

- Mike Dieter
Senior Systems Engineer, Loyola College