How AppNeta’s Technology Works

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Monitor every step of any network’s performance from your users to your applications.

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Our Scripting Engine Leads the Industry

Business-critical applications deserve more than ping when it comes to synthetic monitoring. Pinpoint app changes down to the minute. You'll see exactly where the problem started, whether in the browser, the network or in the application itself. Web automation standard Selenium makes it possible.

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Use Milestones to Get Better Data

Every scripting language has syntax to indicate comments. Typically this is to make code readable and explain what each function does. AppNeta uses this comment syntax to create milestones and bring value above and beyond normal Selenium. Milestones allow users to create break points in the script for monitoring purposes. Single-page apps like Office 365 or G Suite that load data on a button push can now be accurately timed regardless of how the data is gathered.

See Details of the Transactions That Matter

  • Drill down on any asset, and see everything. It's like running Chrome Developer somebody else...last week.
  • Know if the network is holding back web app performance and what you need to do to fix it, fast.
AppNeta's enhanced Selenium lets you see milestone timing breakdown and resource waterfall chart

Experience milestone timing breakdown and resource waterfall chart