Deep Packet Inspection Dives Into Details

AppNeta's technology includes deep packet inspection to achieve low-overhead, continuous monitoring insights. You'll see the impact of nonessential web traffic on business-critical applications with deep packet inspection.

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Application Identification

Go beyond basic port and protocol to actually identify apps and users. You'll get details like protocol dissection, pattern matching, semantic and conversational awareness and flow registration.

  • Get alerted when individual applications' patterns change, or when whole classes of applications' usage changes.
  • Monitor applications with five-minute granularity. Compare up to 90 days of historical data, regardless of network traffic volume.
AppNeta's deep packet inspection sees top applications by network traffic

Top applications by traffic for the Boston office

Simplified Deployment

Skip the netflow-capable hardware, device reconfiguration, third-party flow collection and analysis software server. Just plug in and start monitoring, with no servers to manage.

  • Deploy either on a network span or inline with microsecond fail-to-wire to avoid a single point of failure when no span is available.
  • Use custom application definitions in the analysis UI for unique apps.

From a technical perspective, AppNeta provides an effective, reliable indicator of network availability across our widely distributed physical locations. From a non-technical perspective, AppNeta customer support remains continuously and positively engaged with us.

- Mike Dieter
Senior Systems Engineer, Loyola College