How AppNeta’s Technology Works

Deep Packet Inspection Dives Into Details

AppNeta's technology includes deep packet inspection to achieve low-overhead, continuous monitoring insights. Deep packet inspection is what allows you to see the impact of nonessential web traffic on business-critical applications.

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Go Beyond NetFlow

Where NetFlow fails, AppNeta steps in to offer deeper insight. NetFlow provides a limited data set that you have to store, parse and dedicate 5% of network overhead to transport. AppNeta’s powerful technology fixes these limitations by collecting and analyzing 100% of your network traffic, compressing and encrypting before transfer, and managing storage. We run the packets through our deep packet inspection engine on our purpose-built Monitoring Points, which can identify more than 2,000 applications. It then sends the analysis to our cloud platform while maintaining less than 1% network overhead.

Monitoring That Includes Application Identification

Go beyond basic port and protocol information to actually identify apps and hosts. You'll get details like protocol dissection, pattern matching, semantic and conversational awareness, and flow registration.

  • Get alerted when individual applications' patterns change, or when whole classes of applications' usage changes. Want to know when social media traffic increases? No problem—you can set up an automated alert to let you know without having to keep track of the latest social media apps individually.
  • Monitor applications with five-minute granularity. As application usage changes over the course of the day, you can identify congestion points easily. Compare up to 90 days of historical data, regardless of network traffic volume, so you won’t miss anything even if you’re out.
AppNeta's deep packet inspection sees top applications by network traffic

Top applications by traffic for the Boston office

Try Our Simplified Deployment

Skip the NetFlow-capable hardware, device reconfiguration, third-party flow collection and analysis software server. Just plug in an AppNeta purpose-built Monitoring Point and start monitoring, with no servers to manage.

  • Deploy at your ISP egress point either on a network span or inline with microsecond fail-to-wire to avoid a single point of failure when no span is available.
  • Use custom application definitions in the analysis UI for unique apps that aren’t on our extensive list of over 2,000 apps. Internal apps or niche ones can be tracked the same as YouTube or anything else.

Trend Dynamic Resolutions

AppNeta integrates with local DHCP and DNS systems to resolve the hostnames of local systems. That data is also stored over time, so if you are looking at usage data from last month, you’ll be using the DHCP resolutions from that same time range. DNS monitoring can be configured to record the response of all servers instead of only the fastest allowing customers to identify DNS infrastructure that may be performing poorly, but is masked by faster servers.

Packet Captures at Your Service

Perform remote packet captures from all purpose-built AppNeta Monitoring Points and securely transmit them for analysis, either in Wireshark or your packet analysis tool of choice. Whether on-demand or scheduled, packet captures are performed using Wireshark syntax for filtering. All captures are encrypted with FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption so that it’s encrypted in transit and at rest. Our cloud-hosted service enables unlimited packet captures up to 2GB, which are retained for one year.