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Microsoft Teams

See How Microsoft Teams Is Performing

Video conferences, voice calls and chat apps are what tie business teams together in modern enterprises. Modern end users expect super-fast communications technology when they’re at work. Many traditional monitoring tools are geared toward capturing network data. But legacy application and network monitoring tools aren’t designed for monitoring real-time communication through VoIP and video as is offered by Microsoft Teams.

Teams Route Diagram

Teams Routes: Paths to the Teams AnyCast IP from AppNeta devices in offices and cloud providers

Is Your Network Robust Enough?

Can you support Microsoft Teams? With AppNeta, you can continuously and proactively monitor for issues specific to Teams connections as calls traverse your networks, including the WAN and third-party networks. AppNeta allows users to generate the proper call load for testing and to send across the network. AppNeta then analyzes the response to discover underlying issues.

With AppNeta, identify common problems like:

  • Insufficient network capacity
  • Latency issues across locations
  • QoS alterations
  • Poor ISP connection
  • Bad call quality

Problems We Solve

Call quality is a network issue

AppNeta proactively monitors the network to ensure that the delivery and quality is healthy enough for Microsoft Teams traffic by continuously measuring capacity, latency, voice loss and voice jitter over the wire between locations. Additionally, AppNeta can monitor between a location and your Microsoft Azure or other public cloud instance. AppNeta gives you a real-time view of end-user experience using methodologies that allow for deep diagnostics. AppNeta also tracks the industry-standard mean opinion score (MOS) for up-to-the-minute detail on call quality. Set thresholds for any metric to alert you when quality is falling, and fix issues before users even notice.

Live: Voice Loss - Denver, CO -> Teams Anycast Target

Cut congestion on the line

AppNeta measures network capacity continuously between call source and destination to identify drops in performance throughout the day ensuring that you're not caught off-guard during peak utilization times. See which users are experiencing issues and drill down by hosts, applications, and conversations. Real-time metrics integrated with Active Directory or LDAP for user-level resolution provides an unparalleled view into Unified Communications across the enterprise.

Diagnose issues with ISP connections and QoS

Proactively pinpoint performance issues that are causing call degradation, whether the root cause is in the local network, wider internet or provider. Monitor quality of service (QoS) to identify when demoted priority is the source of pain.

Teams Diagnose issues with ISP connections and QoS

How AppNeta Works

AppNeta uses synthetic voice and video traffic sent over the wire in a continuous lightweight packet train. AppNeta can monitor networks in production and proactively alert based on customizable thresholds for MOS, voice loss, voice jitter and QoS. When issues are detected in the network, diagnostic tests are automatically triggered to identify the root cause. If IT needs more data, manual tests can be run between AppNeta monitoring points to gather information via separate load testing. With AppNeta, it is simple to measure quality across the entire enterprise.

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