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Why Our Customer Support Stands Out

Onboarding and documentation

We'll work with you to establish goals, metrics and, most importantly, a timeline for how you roll out your AppNeta installation. Our onboarding plans include new employees who join your company over time. If you hire new staff, you don't need to worry about additional training costs. Every new AppNeta customer goes through a comprehensive onboarding process to make sure they are set up for success. We also provide extensive online documentation for all products.

Devoted, complete coverage support for $0

Support is fundamental to the purchase and use of any product. We include it, at no additional cost, for every customer. We make sure that every AppNeta customer gets the full value of their purchase and has a delightful experience while they are using our products and interacting with our team.

Super responsive support

AppNeta customers routinely talk about how our support is the best they have ever experienced. And while other vendors charge you extra for support, AppNeta includes it with every account. With a well-defined SLA, AppNeta will make sure you get the support you need in the timeframe that you require. Support is available from 9am to 9pm EDT, and emergency support is available 24-7.

Dedicated customer success manager

You're not a faceless customer at AppNeta. When you're an AppNeta customer, you have a single point of contact to help manage your AppNeta experience. Your Customer Success Manager helps you get the most of your AppNeta subscription, including quarterly business reviews to make sure your goals and objectives are being met.

Experienced and technical staff

AppNeta technical staff have experience across a wide range of technologies and situations, and help customers quickly isolate and solve issues. We go beyond answering basic technical questions and will provide suggestions for improving product setup and utilization outside of the scope of a ticket. The bottom line is that AppNeta takes ownership of your issue until it is resolved.

Doug Lindsay, Director, Critical Account Management, Fuze

Great product, excellent support and services team.

—Doug Lindsay, Director, Critical Account Management, Fuze

Depend on Monitoring Point/Appliance Support

All AppNeta Monitoring Points (physical appliances and virtual installs) are updated automatically for no additional charge. Once your AppNeta Monitoring Point is installed, your staff won't have to provide additional support. Note: for private cloud deployments, a customer-initiated maintenance tunnel can be opened temporarily.


AppNeta support can troubleshoot your Monitoring Point remotely, so we can partner with you to find and resolve issues quickly.


If an Monitoring Point has issues that cannot be resolved by remote troubleshooting, AppNeta will provide a replacement appliance for free within 24 hours.

We are excited to partner with you for your success.

AppNeta is a pioneer in delivering application and network performance monitoring for the cloud and delivering it in a SaaS model. We are also a leader in our approach to support. We know it's key to our and our customers' success.