Shadow IT

Don't Let Apps Hide in the Shadows

AppNeta monitors app usage across the enterprise. When Shadow IT apps appear in your organization, you'll know right away what inadvertent impact they have on the wider network. Shadow IT apps can add congestion that will cripple your business-critical apps if you're not watching.

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Know What's Running

Shadow IT isn't an issue if you can shine a light on it. AppNeta can show you what apps are being used, by whom and when so that you can identify problem apps well before users complain about them. You're in charge of app issues, whether you knew the apps were in use or not.

See which apps are running where to chase away Shadow IT

See the top applications in use at each location and their impact on traffic.

How to Prevent Fires

AppNeta lets you segment applications by time, location, user, host, conversation or other metrics to enable you to know it all again. With threshold detection across your network, you can identify congestion and correlate it with app usage well before the users can pick up the phone and call. If you see apps spiking in traffic, you can easily figure out if it's business-critical or just a new streaming service.

Adapt to the New World

The shift to SaaS apps has traded the complexity of implementation for the relative chaos of apps being purchased and used by anyone. For IT to remain the best resource, you want to position you and your department as the fixers of apps, not the gatekeepers. Shadow IT is in place due to the ease of purchase for managers and departments. Don't get caught as a roadblock. Instead, be a traffic optimizer.