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Service Now

Monitor ServiceNow for Better Support

As a leader in IT service management technology, ServiceNow is an obvious choice for IT support teams. AppNeta ensures that you get the most out of ServiceNow. Monitor ServiceNow's SaaS app like you own it. Get metrics from every hop of the network from your door to theirs.

Optimize Your ServiceNow Experience

If ServiceNow is slow, your support team will be slow, and that impacts customers immediately. A strong support team is the core of your ability to be responsive to customers. Being able to deal with helpdesk tickets, identify key contacts and see support history is essential to eliminating churn. With AppNeta, you can:

  • Identify where problems are, whether the LAN, WAN or with ServiceNow
  • Ensure that recreational apps aren't stealing capacity planned for ServiceNow 
  • Benchmark performance over time—don't get caught with slow ticket responses
  • Deliver consistently good experiences with proactive alerting

Provide Support at Light Speed

Accelerate your support by ensuring that ServiceNow is performing optimally for every user at every location. You've chosen ServiceNow to integrate tools and features from different departments and make daily work more productive for employees. You need continuous, easy monitoring to prove the value of ServiceNow and its integrations.

Identify Your Top Apps

AppNeta can identify which apps are traveling your network in real time. That lets you see whether apps are hogging resources that could be better used for a critical app like ServiceNow. You can take charge of performance and see exactly which users are using which apps.

Set Up Proactive Alerting

Be the first to know when ServiceNow is slowing down, using smart synthetic transactions scripted against your instances. For the network, use active TCP-based monitoring over the same path as your traffic. AppNeta continuously puts lightweight packets on the line for real-time data on ServiceNow performance. It's an approach that solves modern problems, unlike traditional monitoring that relies on BGP and SNMP.

Prove Application ROI

ServiceNow is critical to your business. That investment is worth monitoring for performance and the related business value. AppNeta examines all angles for a complete picture of ServiceNow performance. Monitor the network, the app and the users to ensure that you're making the most of your ServiceNow deployment.