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Take Charge of Salesforce Performance Monitoring

Don't wait for calls or help desk tickets from salespeople having application issues. Instead, know about problems before your users do with AppNeta. Get alerted when Salesforce performance slows. Identify where in the application delivery path issues are and fix them faster with AppNeta.

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Optimize your Salesforce Experience

If Salesforce is slow, your sales team is slow. There are few other apps that can be as directly tied to productivity and revenue than Salesforce can to your sales team. Get your reps back in the deal. Being able to look up opportunities, identify contacts and see relationship history is essential to getting business in the door. With AppNeta, you can:

  • Identify where problems are, whether the LAN, WAN or with Salesforce
  • Ensure that recreational apps aren't stealing capacity planned for Salesforce 
  • Benchmark performance over time—don't get caught with slow plugins
  • Deliver consistently good experiences with proactive alerting

Salesforce at Scale

Salesforce is the number one CRM tool around for a reason. It can be endlessly customized and integrated and rewards power users with better data insight. Salesforce also isn't cheap, so you've got to prove you're getting the best performance possible out of the platform.

Optimize your ROI

Salesforce is critical to your business. That investment is worth monitoring for performance, and AppNeta examines all angles for a complete picture of Salesforce performance. By synthetically measuring transaction performance, you create historical data for context when issues arise. By analyzing employee traffic, you prioritize critical apps for use in the office. And by monitoring the network, you ensure that you're making the most of your Salesforce deployment.

Know the Performance Tipping Point

Integrations and customization are key to many successful Salesforce deployments. Plugins allow for greater control and insight into your sales data. But those features come with a cost. Every integration affects the load time of pages. Growth can mean more contacts and more latency, due to each integration point. Monitoring Salesforce is not just about day-to-day performance. Make sure you're weighing the long-term customization gain against performance drain.

Solve Ghost Issues

Use AppNeta's intelligent synthetic scripting to benchmark Salesforce to your exact instance. That ensures that you're not searching for ghosts when issues are reported. View your instance history to identify and correlate route changes or other downtime events. Get your power users back to work quickly by proactively alerting on performance thresholds.