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Why It's Hard to Measure SaaS Performance

Looking over the shoulder of your favorite salesperson isn't a scalable solution to measure app performance. With AppNeta's active monitoring you can automate synthetic transactions at scale to log in to SaaS apps like a real person, use the application and directly measure the time it takes to perform common actions.

AppNeta shows end-user experience by step, even for single page apps, with Selenium

End-user experience broken down by step in milestones, even for single-page apps

Measure to:

Top apps like Office 365, G-Suite, Salesforce, ServiceNow, UCaaS apps and more.

Measure for:

Trends in performance like periodic slowdowns, DNS resolution time or activation time of accounts today vs. a month ago.

Measure from:

Your office, your on-site network or your external internet connection for accurate representation of performance.

Joe Smitka, Application Performance Engineer, National Instruments

AppNeta's tool helps provide SaaS clients with visibility into application performance at all branches.

—Joe Smitka, Application Performance Engineer, National Instruments

Identify Which Apps Are Competing for Resources

Congestion is the number one problem in most office networks. Streaming audio and video compete for resources with business-critical apps that are sharing the same lines to the internet. With the invasion of SaaS apps to every department, recreational apps and services are now directly competing for your users' productivity.

See how applications are competing and how it affects performance with AppNeta reports

Traffic for the Boston office broken down by applications in use 

Identify Every App

With over 1,600 built in and the ability to customize, you'll know which apps are sending or receiving the most data.

See Recreational Killers

Make sure SnapChat and YouTube aren't sucking resources from Salesforce or ServiceNow.

Find out Which Users

With Active Directory Integration or LDAP integration you can identify who was logged in when the app was being used.

Fix Your Network Faster

If you're not getting what you paid for from your ISP, DNS resolution is spiking, your network isn't configured properly, or your wireless isn't working as expected, each can have an immediate effect on every single application. Actively and passively monitoring SaaS apps through synthetic transaction tracing and Deep Packet Inspection will lead to discoveries about poorly performing apps, employee behavior and larger issues, like Shadow IT apps or orphaned apps you're still paying for.

Get bi-directional path diagnostics with hop-by-hop network metrics with AppNeta

Bi-directional path diagnostic with hop-by-hop metrics to reduce issue troubleshooting time

Take Back Control

90% of the delivery path of an application like Salesforce is beyond your firewall.

Take Charge

Monitor to fix network configuration issues, unmet wireless expectations and ISP SLAs.

Measure Continuously

Don't rely on point-in-time metrics out of context. Monitor all the time to all the apps you care about.

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