Network Performance in 2021:
User Experience vs. User Expectations

Despite there being an entire industry of solutions geared toward telling IT whether or not apps are performing “good” or “bad,” setting a true threshold for acceptable end-user experience can be tricky with users all over the map.

In this webinar, we discuss how AppNeta can help enterprise IT teams get real-time monitoring in place so that they can set their own definition of acceptable performance, a method to measure it from the end-user perspective, and an efficient strategy to ensure these benchmarks are met.


John Tewfik
Director of Global Alliances

John Tewfik is a Director of Global Alliances with AppNeta, with over 15 years experience working with networks, systems and at software companies. With a background in network technology and a passion for solving problems, he gets to do both every day at AppNeta.

Alec Pinkham
Director of Product Marketing

Alec Pinkham is the Director of Product Marketing at AppNeta. He brings a background in engineering, quality assurance, and product management to Marketing, working closely with Product and customer-facing teams. He's been in the network space for 5 and a half years and in the enterprise software space for 10, previously working in the industrial automation software industry.

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