AppNeta’s TruPath™ technology is our patented, lightweight method of monitoring modern enterprise networks. TruPath™ runs continuously without slowing down networks—yes, even production networks, even carrier or satellite production networks.

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Here’s How It Works


TruPath™ uses packet train dispersion technology to proactively monitor all of your networks. TruPath™ runs continuously, sending just 30 to 50 packets per minute over any network from any source to any destination in a lightweight monitoring mode.

packet train dispersion


When an issue is detected, TruPath™ identifies its location and performs automatic diagnostics, sending more traffic in order to confirm that the issue persists beyond the first test. TruPath™ then runs in-depth, lightweight diagnostics to match the problem to more than 85 known failures.

packet train dispersion


It detects packet loss, QoS failures, bandwidth issues and many other metrics over networks you don't control or own—before you even know there's a problem. AppNeta's patented TruPath™ technology monitors any network, whether LAN, WAN, SD-WAN, cloud, SaaS provider, WiFi and public internet.

packet train dispersion

TruPath™ brings you the visibility you need into network paths you couldn’t see into before.

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