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Real-Time Network Monitoring

Agility in a modern work environment is all about communication. Typical work days include phone calls, emails, messaging and video conferencing that all require a unified communications platform as a central part of every office location. These methods of collaboration now seem like basic infrastructure to users, but they rely on intercommunication and a robust network to operate. IT teams have to continually manage growing technological complexity while consistently delivering excellent end-user experience. That’s why Fuze, a leader in global cloud communication and collaboration platforms, has partnered with AppNeta, a leader in end-user experience based network performance monitoring, to deliver real-time network monitoring for Unified Communications.

Fuze + AppNeta

Complete real-time UCaaS performance visibility

Unparalleled voice, video, messaging and collaboration tools

Seamless network monitoring for UCaaS deployments

Rely on an Advanced Unified Communications Platform

Fuze offers the leading enterprise global voice, video, messaging and collaboration platform to enable every business to communicate effectively. Recent statistics indicate that on average it takes 11 minutes to set up a one-hour meeting. Fuze can do it in five seconds. Fuze can enable more efficient communication while offering reliable services that won’t keep your IT team up at night, allowing your company to focus on the future.

Get the Metrics You Need to Keep Work Flowing

AppNeta monitors your networks continuously, in real time, to identify the top metrics that could affect communications. AppNeta allows you to alert on the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) of calls, identify connection loss and see voice jitter. Don’t wait to get a call from the CEO telling you an application is slow. Instead, get proactive alerting and predict the impact on audio and video quality for all of your collaboration tools and apps. AppNeta sends low-overhead packet trains over your network connections every minute to determine performance. If an issue is detected, a bit more traffic will be generated to confirm the issue. If it persists, AppNeta runs an in-depth diagnostic to identify where the breakdown is, eliminating hours of IT troubleshooting.

The Future of Work Is Collaborative

Collaboration and the technology we need to enable it are essential to staying agile in our changing world. AppNeta and Fuze are helping enterprises do just that. Fuze customers benefit from the visibility offered by AppNeta network monitoring to identify the root cause of performance issues, whether they stem from the app, network or third-party tool. IT teams need to know where those issues are and who can fix them.

How Real-Time Network Monitoring Works

Customers of the network monitoring service provided by Fuze and AppNeta put an AppNeta Monitoring Point in their office or locations to be monitored. This physical or virtual device will continuously send low-overhead tests to proactively alert and inform customers when network issues are affecting their Fuze deployment. Customers access the data directly to see real-time metrics like latency, jitter, capacity, MOS and loss.

AppNeta’s comprehensive monitoring
technology for Unified Communications

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AppNeta is the SaaS-based application and network performance monitoring platform designed for the distributed, cloud-connected, digital enterprise. Using AppNeta, IT and Network Ops team can continuously monitor end-user experience across any cloud, every user, and all locations. For more information, visit

Fuze is a global cloud communications and collaboration platform connecting the digital workforce. Through ONE simple, secure platform with a best-in-class user experience, enterprise technology leaders can transform communications, reduce complexity, and empower people to seamlessly collaborate on any device, whenever and wherever they want.