Monitor Applications, Not Just Traffic

With application-aware network traffic analysis, know instantly how every application impacts every end user. Analyze network traffic and application performance with more granularity than traditional network traffic analysis tools.

Intelligent Application and User Identification

Monitor over 1300 classified applications’ behavior, not just port and protocol traffic. FlowView uses protocol dissection, pattern matching, semantic and conversational awareness, and flow registration to go beyond flow records and actually identify applications and users. Create custom apps specific to your enterprise that have not been auto-identified. With FlowView, you get five-minute granularity and 90 days of data retention, regardless of network traffic. Receive alerts when specific application’s or classes of applications’ usage changes. Finally, get a personal view of performance with user-specific application usage.

Monitor every application that’s important to you

Simple Deployment

Universal deployment means not having to change anything. Traditional network traffic monitoring requires multiple complex components working perfectly together before you get any insight into network usage: netflow-capable hardware, device reconfiguration, third-party flow collection, and analysis software running on its own server and database. FlowView requires none of these things.

Performance, Functionality and Availability in Minutes

Ensuring Security and Affordability

Make sure nothing happens to any network traffic. FlowView captures, analyzes, compresses, and encrypts all traffic data on a single box, reducing the network overhead and making it truly secure. FlowView compresses records right at the point of collection, freeing up extra bandwidth for, well, actual applications.

Every Detail, Every Important Transaction

Scalability that grows with you

As you grow our solution scales with you. Deploy across hundreds and thousands of locations, with support up to traffic loads of 10Gbps. Compare performance trends across 90 days of retained data without having to implement stream to disk approaches. Finally, easily monitor performance across office and remote locations with our single pane view of performance across all monitors.


AppNeta’s virtual and physical microappliances are zero administration devices that remotely test and troubleshoot complex networks, even through third-party infrastructure.

 OfficeLarge OfficeData CenterHigh Volume
# of Employeesup to 200over 200N/AMore than 20 locations? Contact us at (800) 508-5233 and we’ll customize pricing and a deployment for your environment.
Apps Supportedup to 25up to 50up to 50 
Internet Providers11+1+ 
Flows per Second2,5005,00050,000 
Appliance Type*physical: m30physical: r40physical: r400 
Deployment1x 1Gbps2x 1Gbps2x 1Gbps 1x 10Gbps 

*For more detailed information on our microappliances please visit our appliance datasheets.

AppNeta Performance Monitoring

Find and resolve issues with proactive performance monitoring for business-critical applications and the networks that deliver them.

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