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Application Experience

AppNeta allows you to measure end-user experience from where your users are. You can synthetically monitor any web app like it’s an in-house application. The Application Experience component can easily be deployed behind the firewall to measure over the application delivery path, including WiFi, WAN, LAN and your ISP’s network. Alternatively, you can make use of our global locations to determine performance from points around the world.


The Most Advanced Selenium Implementation

With AppNeta synthetic transactions, you can gain additional intelligence with milestones that allow multi-step performance monitoring for even the most complex single-page apps, including G Suite and Office 365. Detailed breakdowns of resource loading, network impact and industry-standard metrics decrease the time it takes to identify app performance issues.

Monitor Complex Single Page Apps with Multi-step Milestones

Network Context for Business-Critical Applications

See every hop between your apps and your end users. For apps like ServiceNow and Salesforce, you can compare the total achievable capacity across the WAN to your instance to troubleshoot performance issues by app, user or location. The truth about SaaS apps is that they often replace on-premises apps with a meaningful increase in latency. Monitoring your SaaS apps and managing your SaaS app SLAs is crucial to success in our new distributed world.

Network Context for your Applications

Monitor From Behind the Firewall

AppNeta allows users to deploy inside the firewall with physical and virtual Monitoring Points or outside with Global Monitoring Points. You can test your apps the way you need to in order to get to the root cause of performance issues fast. With 80 locations to choose from and the option to create custom ones, it has never been easier for IT ops teams to get the data they need to see the end user’s perspective.

Every Detail, Every Important Transaction, Source and Destination

Deploy Anywhere Users Are, Inside and Outside the Firewall

The best location to measure end user experience of web applications is from your users’ locations. Deploy on AppNeta’s public infrastructure to get a global perspective or locally to see performance from individual offices. Combine usage from multiple monitors to identify trends across different locations and isolate any problem from global slowness to congestion at a single office.

Deployment Options

Office/Datacenter Deployment

AppNeta’s virtual and physical Monitoring Points are zero administration devices that remotely test and troubleshoot complex networks, even through third-party infrastructure.

Global Deployment

We have the global coverage you need from 80 global locations. For a complete list of global monitoring locations visit our website at

 GlobalSmall officeLarge officeData centerVolume
# of EmployeesN/Aup to 500over 500N/AMore than 20 locations? Contact us at (800) 508-5233 and we’ll customize pricing and a deployment for your environment.
Apps Supported1 per monitorup to 25up to 50up to 50 
Internet ProvidersN/A11+1+ 
Appliance Type*N/Aphysical: m35 OR virtual: v35physical: r45physical: r400 
DeploymentGlobal802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi 6x 1Gbps6x 1Gbps6x 1Gbps 2x 10Gbps 

*For more detailed information on our Monitoring Points please visit our Monitoring Point datasheet.

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AppNeta Performance Monitoring

Find and resolve issues with proactive performance monitoring for business-critical applications and the networks that deliver them.

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