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Application Delivery

AppNeta provides performance insight for any application on any network. Use AppNeta’s end-to-end active performance management tools to measure the actual network performance and how it’s affecting your critical applications and business services. With one extremely lightweight solution, you can continuously measure performance over your WiFi to local servers; over a VPN to remote offices; and over the internet to web applications and into cloud services.


Continuous, Lightweight Monitoring

Get insight into any network, even cloud providers’ networks, by sending and receiving precisely timed network traffic to assess performance in real time. AppNeta’s always-on monitoring gives one-minute granularity on latency, data loss and jitter, stored for up to a year. The real-time monitoring is extremely light-weight, so you can understand the performance of your critical applications without slowing them down.

Monitor the Network Across your Organization

Correlate Application and Network Performance

With application-based SLAs, AppNeta’s Application Delivery component automatically knows when network performance blips are just blips, and when they’re affecting end users. AppNeta’s continuous stream of performance insight is compared against your application-specific SLAs, so you will know exactly when and how network performance impacts your application performance.

Correlate Application and Network Performance Across Locations

Find and Fix Problems Fast on Any Network

The Application Delivery component automatically runs diagnostic tests when poor performance is detected to pinpoint the locations and cause of more than 80 network faults—even if they are occurring on devices you don’t own or control. Root cause analysis is triggered automatically by violations of your application-specific SLAs, so it’s clear when network performance impacts your application performance. Validate that QoS is being honored at every hop, even over the internet.

See the Active Route From Location to Location

Deployment Options

AppNeta’s virtual and physical Monitoring Points are zero administration devices that remotely test and troubleshoot complex networks, even through third-party infrastructure.

 Small officeLarge officeData centerVolume
Employeesup to 500over 500N/AMore than 20 locations? Contact us at (800) 508-5233 and we’ll customize pricing and a deployment for your environment.
Apps Included154545 
Internet Providers11+1+ 
Appliance Type*physical: m35 OR virtual: v35physical: r45physical: r400 
Deployment802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi OR 6x 1Gbgps6x 1Gbps6x 1Gbps 2x 10Gbps 

*For more detailed information on our Monitoring Points please visit our Monitoring Point datasheet.

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AppNeta Performance Monitoring

Find and resolve issues with proactive performance monitoring for business-critical applications and the networks that deliver them.

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