Monitor Any Web App Like It’s Your Own

Monitor every application that’s important to you with AppNeta’s synthetic end user experience monitoring solution. AppView measures web applications from the outside in, giving you visibility into the availability and performance of web apps, no matter where they are hosted. With AppView’s flexible deployment model, you can monitor apps inside the firewall, your global SaaS offering, or even third-party tools like Salesforce or Office 365. Whether the app is critical to your business, or the app is your business, AppView makes sure it’s working.

Performance, Functionality and Availability in Minutes

Measure performance, functionality, and availability directly from the user’s perspective, using a real web browser. Get started in minutes with our Quick Start Synthetic Workflows for Salesforce, Office 365, Google Apps and more popular apps. Quick Start Workflows enable users to monitor apps from the end user, through the network, to the app provider. These workflows cover common scenarios, giving visibility into the experience for your most prevalent end users.

Monitor every application that’s important to you

Alternatively, create custom workflows and string together up to 20 commands, execute them back to back, measure the result, and get performance alerts. Replay workflows from a consistent environment to highlight any change in your application performance.

Performance, Functionality and Availability in Minutes

Every Detail, Every Important Transaction

Get every detail of important transactions in your web app, and break down the source of all latency by browser, application, or network. Pinpoint when problems started, with full waterfall charts for every transaction in the last 30 days, and identify larger trends with up to a year of historical data.

Every Detail, Every Important Transaction

Deploy Anywhere Users Are, Inside and Outside the Firewall

The best location to measure end user experience of web applications is from your users’ locations. Deploy on AppNeta’s public infrastructure to get a global perspective or locally to see performance from individual offices. Combine usage from multiple monitors to identify trends across different locations and isolate any problem from global slowness to congestion at a single office.


Office/Datacenter Deployment

AppNeta’s virtual and physical microappliances are zero administration devices that remotely test and troubleshoot complex networks, even through third-party infrastructure.

Global Deployment

We have the global coverage you need from 18 global locations. For a complete list of global monitoring locations visit our website at

 GlobalOfficeLarge OfficeData CenterHigh Volume
# of EmployeesN/Aup to 200over 200N/AMore than 20 locations? Contact us at (800) 508-5233 and we’ll customize pricing and a deployment for your environment.
Apps Supported1 per monitorup to 25up to 50up to 50 
Internet ProvidersN/A11+1+ 
Appliance Type*N/Aphysical: m30 OR virtual: v30physical: r40physical: r400 
DeploymentGlobal802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi 2x 1Gbps4x 1Gbps4x 1Gbps 1x Gbps 

*For more detailed information on our microappliances please visit our appliance datasheets.

AppNeta Performance Monitoring

Find and resolve issues with proactive performance monitoring for business-critical applications and the networks that deliver them.

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