Always-On Remote Location Monitoring

Bring Branches and Remote Offices Under IT Control

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Monitoring That Brings Remote Locations Under IT Control

Monitoring performance at remote locations requires always-on monitoring. If you don't have staff on-site or you're implementing SD-WAN across distributed sites, you need a comprehensive tool that will act as your eyes at remote locations. Using continuous performance monitoring also allows IT to immediately figure out whether it's the application or the network causing a problem, speeding up the resolution process.

Applications are quickly moving off-site to colocation or hosting providers

Common Problem Areas

VoIP and Video Monitoring

Collaboration runs your business, but bad call quality can ruin it. Take control of VoIP and video conferencing.

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Call Centers Monitoring

When you don't have IT on-site, you need visibility into everything under your coverage.

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WiFi Monitoring

Whether you're managing one network or 20, WiFi is crucial to daily business. No one notices until it's slow.

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Complexity Is on the Rise

Networks have changed over the years and their functions have become more complex and varied. Weaving new locations into the fabric of the existing network can be difficult when you have to balance Direct Internet Access (DIA), SD-WAN, backhaul traffic, or MPLS infrastructure. Increasingly important is the role of the WAN in getting new locations up to speed quickly. This complexity requires real-time, low-overhead monitoring before, during, and after implementation to ensure that the productivity of the new location isn't affected.

New Locations? No Problem

The right modern monitoring tool can also help organizations baseline performance when setting up a new location, then track ups and downs quickly to make adjustments and change configurations. AppNeta provides monitoring over all modern protocols (UDP, ICMP, and TCP over IPv4 and IPv6) and tunnels (IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, and MPLS). With this kind of monitoring, IT can get performance data from the entire infrastructure, whether at remote sites, in the cloud or on-premises, and take action. Remote offices may be remote, but they don't have to be out of IT's control.

Master Shadow IT

Become a champion with AppNeta by monitoring usage to determine what apps are being used at every location under your control. AppNeta can help you find rogue SaaS apps that your employees depend on, but never told you about (see Shadow IT). You can also determine which business-critical apps aren't getting the resources they need by identifying over-streaming at any location, whether it's YouTube in Chicago, SnapChat in San Francisco, or Spotify in Boston.

Limited IT Resources

In a lot of industries, remote offices or branch locations don't have any IT staff or technical employees— think doctors' offices, retail stores or banks. That gap in technical staff resources will ultimately lead to service delays at those remote locations. The high costs of traveling to those locations or staffing them can be prohibitive for many businesses. As the shift from physical to virtual infrastructure continues, you need to take charge of remote infrastructure to eliminate help desk tickets before they appear. AppNeta provides the continuous data you need to keep tabs on remote locations without needing to travel.