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QoS Monitoring

Simple QoS Management and Enforcement

QoS lets companies prioritize application traffic so that the most critical apps take priority when capacity is scarce. But for this to work, you have to do two things correctly. First, set up QoS queues properly. This is difficult, because companies aren't often aware of all of the apps that are in use or the network capacity that is used by each app. Second, QoS has to be enforced end-to-end to work properly.

Use Hop-by-Hop QoS Monitoring

Modern enterprises running business-critical apps, especially voice or video focused, care about QoS. But QoS only works if it's enforced from source to destination. If traffic marked Expedited Forwarding merges with Best Effort traffic halfway from user to target, then the benefits of QoS aren't working. AppNeta checks the QoS value at every layer 3 hop and identifies whether or not the value changed, who changed it and to what. If multiple changes happen along the route, AppNeta will alert you of QoS changes. With SNMP tools, you can only check QoS inside your network. Other monitoring tools may tell you the QoS changed, but you can't take action without knowing who changed it and where.

QoS targets need performance monitoring so networks run smoothly

Monitor QoS from end to end so that you can tell when Expedited Forwarding turns into Best Effort

Identify Your Queues

It's common for companies to set QoS for applications at some point and time, then leave them. But this isn't a long-term plan. AppNeta can identify which apps are in which QoS queue so that you can evaluate your apps—even if you weren't the one who implemented them.

With AppNeta, you can make sure your voice, video and other business-critical apps aren't in the same queue as Salesforce, Netsuite, data backup or email. And you can ensure that all other internet traffic is set to Best Effort. When Best Effort (DSCP 0) isn't enough, companies will use Expedited Forwarding (DSCP 46) or another priority setting (DSCP 8, DSCP 24, etc.). When there is not enough capacity on your network, QoS will make sure the highest priority apps get through without being slowed down.