Monitor All the Way Into Your Cloud Deployment

Complete Visibility for Any Network

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Public Cloud

Patented Technology Monitors Cloud Provider Infrastructure

Get the most network visibility of any monitoring platform. AppNeta grants unique insight into the infrastructure of all public cloud providers, whether you're using cloud for IaaS or PaaS purposes. See into cloud providers' networks like they're yours, and keep tracking the same metrics you're used to, even when workloads are off-premises.

Pierce the Cloud for True Visibility

Moving to the cloud no longer means you have to give up visibility. Monitor latency, loss, capacity, jitter and all the metrics you depend on, wherever your infrastructure is hosted.

Use Active and Continuous Monitoring

Don't rely on 15-minute granularity for internet visibility via the traditional BGP approach to monitoring. See every detail with active on-the-wire monitoring from TruPath™ that automatically escalates to confirm network performance issues.

Stay Ahead of Critical SaaS App Monitoring

Not hosting your own apps in the cloud? No problem. Use AppNeta to proactively monitor for performance degradation 24/7.

Cloud Providers

View performance metrics for apps hosted by any cloud provider.


AppNeta offers unparalleled visibility into network performance for AWS-based solutions in any availability zone, whether you're using EC2 or Lambda in AWS Compute, or S3 and Glacier for storage. See every route change or latency spike between end users and your infrastructure in AWS.

Live monitoring between AWS, Oregon and Santa Clara, CA

Microsoft Azure

Use Microsoft infrastructure mapped for your applications, regardless of your compute type, SQL database or NoSQL storage. See end-user experience for all of your apps running in Azure and get a visualization of the network in between. Monitor every hop for capacity and see every step along the way.

Live monitoring between Azure, Virginia and Santa Clara

Google Cloud Platform

AppNeta can monitor end-user experience into or out of Google's Cloud Platform, from Google Compute to BigQuery. Get better performance data for insight into the network from end users, offices or data centers into Google's infrastructure.

Live monitoring between Google Cloud, South Carolina and Santa Clara, CA