Identify and correlate application usage to network bandwidth consumption
Analyze network and application traffic with more granularity. Know instantly how every application impacts every end user.

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3 Challenges of Moving to a Cloud-Based Infrastructure
Don't Get Caught Unprepared

Plan ahead for your move to the cloud. Get your applications and users settled as quickly as possible in the new environment.


Incredibly Intelligent Application Identification

Use protocol dissection, pattern matching, semantic and conversational awareness, and flow registration to go beyond port and protocol to identify applications and users.

  • Skip the configuration: the FlowView application library is automatically updated every few weeks with about 100 new apps added each update.

  • Get alerted when individual applications' patterns change, or when whole classes of applications’ usage changes.

  • Monitor applications in real-time with 5 minute granularity & compare with 90 days of historical data, regardless of network traffic volume.

Incredibly Simple Deployment

Skip the netflow-capable hardware, device re-configuration, 3rd party flow collection, and analysis software server. Just plug in and start monitoring.

  • Spend more time looking at data. FlowView connects directly to AppNeta’s SaaS backend, which means no servers to manage.

  • Deploy either on a network span or inline with microsecond fail-to-wire, so there is no single point of failure on networks with no span available.

  • Create custom application definitions for unique and in-house apps, right within the analysis UI.


Incredibly Secure, Incredibly Low Overhead

Make sure nothing happens to any network traffic. FlowView captures, analyzes, compresses, and encrypts all traffic data on a single box, reducing the network overhead and making it truly secure.

  • Only report on what you need, and eliminate double-shipping flow records around before analyzing or compressing them. FlowView compresses records right at the point of collection, freeing up extra bandwidth for actual applications.

  • Never worry about transferring traffic records by encrypting them right at the point of collection. By the time anything goes back out over the network, there’s nothing for prying eyes to see.

FlowView — How to identify which apps are in use

This is an overview of FlowView, AppNeta's application-aware network traffic analysis tool. With FlowView, you can analyze network and application traffic with more granularity and know instantly how every application impacts every end user.

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Features Included

  • Automatic application identification of 1,400+ apps
  • Rates up to 10Gbps and 50,000 FPS
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Local DNS resolution for host identification
  • Fast, highly scalable big data architecture
  • 90 day data retention
  • Easy custom application creation
  • Inline or span connectivity
  • Interactive & scheduled report delivery
  • Fail-to-wire resiliency for no single point of failure
  • Compressed, encrypted data upload
  • Detailed alerts notifications

FlowView is part of AppNeta's APM for All SaaS solution, including AppView and PathView.

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AppNeta permits us to easily provide access to the metrics we collect to whoever we want, wherever they are without the need to impose cumbersome VPN requirements. And we don't have to waste our time administering server hardware, OS updates, application patches and large volumes of disk space--we are free to focus our efforts on the metrics we collect.

Mike Dieter | IT Professional, Loyola College in Maryland

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