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Monitor Your Cloud the Right Way

The transition between running a private data center and running a private cloud may seem simple, but you know it's not. With additional layers of abstraction, software-defined networking and virtualization involved, you need the right tool to monitor your newer, likely more dynamic, infrastructure. Traditional tools like SNMP tell you apps and networks are up. AppNeta tells you they're running smoothly.

Live Capacity: Boston -> Vancouver

Live Capacity: Vancouver -> Boston

Get end-to-end visibility

Whether you're looking at the network hops across data centers, offices or within the corporate network, AppNeta gives you the same in-depth network and application visibility, no matter where your infrastructure sits.

Compare tunnel connections

Measure the primary connection methods, like VPN or MPLS, where users and apps run. Then monitor outside those tunnels through virtual IP addresses, VLANs and static routes to compare results and monitor the actual performance impact you're gaining or losing.

Take advantage of on-premises deployment

AppNeta offers a private deployment option that allows you to run Monitoring Points and the Analysis Server on-site. With our service completely contained, you can manage virtual or physical assets however you need.

See Your Network in Action

Using Monitoring Points in various locations, offices or subnets, AppNeta can monitor the route, events, bi-directional capacity and much more.

AppNeta Monitoring Points can be deployed at any site, office or data center

Bi-directional capacity between locations with metric data for each hop

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