The network is unpredictable, your costs shouldn't be.

AppNeta Performance Manager is licensed based on the number of locations you need to monitor from and the number of apps you would like to monitor. Mix and match physical or virtual monitoring point devices to cover your various business needs. With AppNeta you’ll find very few add-on costs because we believe that you shouldn’t need to be a mathematician to understand your monitoring contract.

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Simple Pricing based on Apps and Locations

Depending on the deployment type, locations can be end-user workstations, remote offices, headquarters, data centers, or your cloud infrastructure. This allows you to monitor to and from any location to verify performance of your most critical app and network connections. Apps can range from internal web apps to SaaS and cloud apps that you deem to be business-critical. Monitor from your locations or from our cloud-based Global Monitoring Points to gain actionably visibility into your top apps.

  • Unlimited Testing - Identify the apps or targets you'd like to monitor, AppNeta will monitor them every way we know how
  • Simple Management - With a single license pool for applications monitoring can be as dynamic as you need to be
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership - No costly maintenance overhead, AppNeta warrenties all hardware through the life of your subscription
  • Total Coverage - Don't pick and choose what to cover because of costs, monitor it all with more granularity and lower costs than the competition

Step 1
Enterprise Monitoring Points

Each physical, virtual, container, or native monitoring point has an included pool of app licenses to target any business-critical apps you care about, and more can always be added. Each monitoring point requires a SaaS license and a small upfront purchase.


  • Up to 200 Mbps connections
  • Ideal for remote or distributed employees
  • Starting at 5 application licenses
  • Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Standard Office

  • Up to 1 Gbps connections
  • Support for multiple internet connections
  • Starting at 15 application licenses
  • Up to 4x concurrent 802.11AC WiFi
  • Available as physical or virtual devices

Small Data Center

  • Up to 10 Gbps connections
  • Support for multiple internet connections
  • Starting at 60 application licenses
  • Available as physical or virtual devices

Large Data Center

  • Up to 100 Gbps connections
  • Support for multiple internet connections
  • Includes 200 application licenses
  • Available as a physical device

Step 2
Global Monitoring Point Options

Need to Monitor from the Cloud? - AppNeta Global Monitoring Points provide the outside-in view from cloud locations worldwide back to your critical services, locations, or users. Global Monitoring Points are hosted by AppNeta in Tier 1 Cloud providers for customer access. You can select them as a source for monitoring within AppNeta Performance Manager. Global Monitoring Targets act as the responder for dual-ended performance analysis of WAN connections.

Global Monitoring Point

  • Monitor from locations worldwide
  • Verify user experience for your public apps
  • Outside-in monitoring at 5-minute frequency

Global Monitoring Target

  • High-capacity montioring targets
  • Verify user experience over your network
  • Available in Tier 1 cloud data centers

Step 3
Choose Hosting Environment

The AppNeta Performance Manager service can be hosted by AppNeta in the public cloud or in your own environment.

Most Popular

Public Cloud

Let us host it and we’ll cover storage, availability, and maintenance. Also available with custom branding.

Private Cloud

Need it on-prem? No problem. Available to run on your own infrastructure with AppNeta engineers performing all updates.

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