The network is unpredictable, your costs shouldn't be.

AppNeta Performance Manager is licensed based on the number of locations you need to monitor from and the number of apps you would like to monitor. With AppNeta you’ll find very few add-on costs because we believe that you shouldn’t need to be a mathematician to understand your monitoring contract.

Every deployment is different so AppNeta allows you to mix and match whatever physical or virtual monitoring point devices you need to cover your business scaling easily up to thousands of locations. Those devices can report back to an Analysis Server hosted by AppNeta or you can take the entire solution on-premises and host it in your network.

Monitoring Point Options

Each physical or virtual monitoring point has an included pool of app licenses to target any business-critical apps you care about, and more can always be added. Each monitoring point requires a SaaS license and a small upfront hardware purchase.

Small Office

  • Up to 1 Gbps connections
  • Support for multiple internet connections
  • Starting at 15 application licenses
  • Up to 4x concurrent 802.11AC WiFi
  • Available as physical or virtual devices

Large Office

  • Up to 10 Gbps connections
  • Support for multiple internet connections
  • Starting at 60 application licenses
  • Available as physical or virtual devices

Data Center

  • Up to 100 Gbps connections
  • Support for multiple internet connections
  • Includes 200 application licenses
  • Available as a physical device

Global Monitoring

  • Monitor from over 80 locations worldwide
  • Available at 5- or 1-minute maximum frequency

Analysis Server Deployment

AppNeta Monitoring Points feed data back to our Analysis Server for reporting and alerting. AppNeta offers flexible Analysis Server hosting options for both public and private cloud. Public multi-tenant hosting is available for no additional charge.

Most Popular

Public Cloud
Let us host it and we’ll cover storage, availability, and maintenance. Also available with custom branding.

Private Cloud
Need it on-prem? No problem. Available to run on your own infrastructure with AppNeta engineers performing all updates.

What's an App?

For every app you choose to actively monitor with AppNeta, we will test it continuously, every way we know how. Apps are actively tested through real-time network monitoring, periodic synthetic web app monitoring, and discovered via passive packet analysis to identify who is having a bad experience and what the root cause is.

AppNeta defines an application as an active monitoring from a Monitoring Point to a URL or web endpoint (such as or a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or IP address with four or more L3 hops. AppNeta customers can monitor any number of FQDNs or IP addresses with fewer than four L3 hops for free.

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