AppNeta Unveils APM Industry First: Flexible, RAM-based Pricing Model

AppNeta becomes the first APM company to offer new model built for microservice and container-based architectures as they scale


BOSTON — November 17, 2015

BOSTON — November 17, 2015 — AppNeta, AppNeta, the leader in performance insight for business-critical web applications, today announced the launch of a RAM-based pricing model. This approach, the first of its kind in the application performance monitoring (APM) industry, is fundamentally designed for microservice and container-based architectures and allows for flexibility as companies scale their applications.

Application performance monitoring is traditionally offered on a per-host or per-JVM pricing model, which works well with older, monolithic application architectures. With microservice and container-based architectures, a host or JVM-based model quickly becomes cost prohibitive, forcing organizations to make difficult choices around where to deploy APM across their architecture.

“Don’t let the pricing of your monitoring vendor dictate your application’s architecture,” said Dan Kuebrich, AppNeta CTO. “Traditional APM players aren’t serving modern, distributed architectures. We think that every organization should be able to achieve 100% APM coverage across both production and pre-production, which is impossible in many cases if you’re using a host or JVM-based structure.”

-Dan Kuebrich, AppNeta CTO.

AppNeta also announced their new Flex Pricing model - where AppNeta customers are charged for average usage over a 30-day period rather than for peak usage. Using the new Flex Pricing model, organizations can auto scale their services to match demand without worrying about their APM costs rising through the roof.

“Combining the RAM-based and Flex Pricing models, AppNeta customers can rest easy knowing they are 100% covered and that they can scale without fear of blowing up the budget” added Kuebrich.

-Dan Kuebrich, AppNeta CTO.

AppNeta’s new model starts at $30 per GB a month, with higher discounts available based on volume or contract term. To learn more and get started, visit

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