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AppNeta Announces SaaS Application Monitoring Quick Start Workflows for Google Apps and ServiceNow

Workflows require no scripting to deliver full-stack monitoring

February 2, 2015

BOSTON — February 2, 2015 — AppNeta, the leader in performance and availability insight for business critical web applications, today announced Quick Start Synthetic Workflows for Google Apps and ServiceNow in its Software-as-a-Service Application Monitoring (SAM) solution. The Quick Start Synthetic Workflows allow AppNeta users to monitor these SaaS applications from the end user, through the network, and all the way to the application provider.

Quick Start Workflows are authored and maintained by AppNeta, ensuring IT has the most important use cases for application monitoring and management without the need for manual scripting. As more and more companies migrate their business-critical software to the cloud, the performance of these applications, as well as their impact on the network and end user will become crucial to the success of their business.

AppNeta’s SAM solution and Quick Start Workflows provide immediate visibility into the growing number of business-critical SaaS applications. This visibility helps businesses understand how these applications are performing and prevents costly downtime. AppNeta monitoring provides the same metrics from every location by using the same templates, user actions, and user configuration from every office or datacenter, allowing seamless comparison between offices.

Quick Start Workflows can be implemented in just minutes, with no scripting necessary. Simply enter your application-specific credentials and start monitoring. For the 5 million-plus businesses worldwide who are using Google Apps or ServiceNow, AppNeta’s new Quick Start Workflows make it easy to manage and monitor the end-user experience.

“Companies use applications other than those they have developed, operate or support which still require performance monitoring,” said Matt Stevens, President and CEO at AppNeta. “By having Quick Start Workflows for Google Apps and ServiceNow built into our SAM solution, we are addressing the needs of those IT professionals who support the users of these external applications.”

AppNeta is the only solution to provide SaaS based full stack performance insight, from the application through the network to the end user. Deploying AppNeta takes minutes and eliminates hours consumed in finding and fixing problems in the application, the code, or the network. The AppNeta solution results in improved end user satisfaction and decreased operational costs. SaaS vendors can increase revenue and reduce churn while internal IT managers can achieve higher customer satisfaction, faster MTTR, and lower operational costs.


The AppNeta Quick Start Workflows for Google Apps and ServiceNow are available now through AppNeta. The full-stack AppNeta solution pricing starts at $338/month. For a live demonstration of the new Quick Start Workflows, contact AppNeta today.

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