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AppNeta Expands Global Web Application Performance Monitoring

First-ever APM vendor to provide both synthetic and hop-by-hop, end-to-end network performance visibility behind the Great Firewall of China

June 21, 2016

BOSTON — June 21, 2016 — AppNeta, the leader in performance insight for business-critical web applications, announces the addition of 46 new global web monitors. With these new monitors, AppNeta expands its offering to provide greater visibility across a total of 69 global web monitoring locations in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australia and Asia.

AppNeta offers the first performance monitoring solution to combine synthetic and TruPath™ hop-by-hop, end-to-end network insight with diagnostics for all web-based and SaaS-delivered applications into China and to 80 other global locations. The addition of 46 new web monitoring locations gives customers the critical global coverage needed to complement the tens of thousands of AppNeta physical and virtual appliances deployed in customer locations, monitoring internal and third-party SaaS applications on which employees rely.

“The addition of these 46 global web monitors, like all of our product updates, is driven largely by customer demand, specifically our monitoring location in China. The ability to monitor from inside the Great Firewall of China as well as immediately outside from Hong Kong allows companies the ability to assess the impact the firewall is having on their application’s performance”, said Sean Armstrong, Vice President of Product.

AppNeta monitoring seamlessly spans all forms of internal and external web applications to provide critical performance insight no matter where the application is hosted or accessed. Enterprise IT Ops teams are able to monitor user experience and provide application and network visibility for remote locations from central corporate offices, resulting in lower IT costs.

AppNeta has a total of 80 global web monitoring locations across Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia. To see a full list of monitoring locations, visit

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AppNeta is the only network performance monitoring solution that delivers visibility into the end user experience of any application, from any location, at any time. With AppNeta’s SaaS-based solution, IT and Network Ops teams at large, distributed enterprises can quickly pinpoint issues that affect network and business-critical cloud application performance, regardless of where they occur. AppNeta is trusted by some of the biggest Fortune 1000 companies, including 3 out of the 5 largest corporations in the world, as well as 4 out of the 5 largest cloud providers. For more information, visit

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