AppNeta Releases Application Performance Monitoring Support for Applications Written in Go

Performance Insight Provider Becomes First Major SaaS APM Solution to Support Request Tracing in Go


BOSTON — June 8, 2016

BOSTON — June 8, 2016 — AppNeta, the leader in performance insight for business-critical web applications today announced its newly launched (beta) support for applications written in Go. As the first application performance monitoring company to fully support distributed request tracing in Go, AppNeta is filling the void in performance visibility for operations teams that have previously gone underserved, making Go more viable for large scale production environments.

Due to Go's fast execution and concurrency features, many businesses, AppNeta included, have adopted usage of the language since it was released in 2009.

"Over the past year we've rewritten some of the services that make up our data processing pipeline using Go, due to the language's ability to handle concurrency," said Chris Erway, AppNeta Chief Architect. "These improvements have helped our data collection and analysis system to process and store well over 100,000 events per second."

It is typical for companies to utilize Go as just one component in a larger environment written in other languages, meaning that these environments are almost exclusively service-oriented architectures that have been historically difficult, or impossible, to monitor with 100% coverage.

"As strong believers in and users of Go, we're excited to formally announce our new application performance monitoring support for the language," said Erway. "Since our APM capabilities are optimally built for service-oriented architectures, it's critical for us to have the broadest language support in the market. We're proud to now offer this support to teams developing in Go."

In addition to application performance monitoring support for Go, AppNeta has also launched a GitHub repository for the Go instrumentation to which anyone can contribute. AppNeta also has open-source repositories for Ruby, Python and Node.

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