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AppNeta Unveils Best-in-Market Performance Monitoring for Node.js and .NET Applications

Performance Insights Provider Offers Widest Range of Language Support In APM Industry

July 19, 2016

BOSTON — July, 19 2016 — AppNeta, the leader in performance insight for business-critical web applications, announces its best-in-market support for .NET and Node.js v6 applications.

The newly released .NET support extends AppNeta’s instrumentation coverage and custom API to virtually any application, which includes the introduction of WCF standalone app support that allows developers working outside of IIS to utilize APM tools for the first time. Alongside MVC support and an automatic instrumentation of IIS for Real User Monitoring (RUM), this .NET release adds to an already granular transaction tracing tool for .NET apps.

Additionally, AppNeta’s Node.js v6 support gives developers visibility in monitoring during and after their upgrade when code issues can be most prevalent. Node.js v6 brings a number of performance improvements, as well as increasing the core ES6 coverage to almost 100%. With AppNeta’s extended support for pre-production environments, developers can view their changes in staging before deploying with the same visibility as their production setup, making upgrades easier than ever.

“Heterogeneous environments–especially for distributed architectures–are very common, which is why we support monitoring for such a wide range of languages and frameworks. But it’s not just about breadth: With the addition of these features, our .NET and Node.js coverage is the best in the market. Anyone developing distributed apps in .NET and/or Node.js will see more detailed data than they have before from an APM tool”, said Dan Kuebrich, Chief Technology Officer.

AppNeta’s updated Node.js and .NET support rounds out its already robust language support, which is a key component in its ability to handle performance monitoring for today’s distributed applications. To learn more about AppNeta’s full language support, visit

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