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AppNeta’s New Monitoring Point Reduces Time-to-Value For Total Remote Office Performance Visibility To Under 60 Seconds

New enterprise-grade cpe40 monitoring point is designed for near-instant deployments on the latest generation of existing customer equipment.

October 19, 2021

BOSTON, MASS., October 19, 2021 — AppNeta, the leading network performance monitoring solution for the distributed enterprise, today announces the launch of the Customer Premises Equipment 40 (cpe40) enterprise-grade Monitoring Point, enabling near instant end-user experience and end-to-end network performance visibility into remote office locations with easy deployment onto the latest generation of customer premises equipment.

The cpe40 is a brand new enterprise monitoring point from AppNeta that’s been designed from the ground up to be easily deployed and run entirely on existing customer premise equipment with minimal overhead. This enables enterprises to gain seamless, comprehensive visibility from existing office locations and into critical network environments without having to deploy any new infrastructure elements. This ensures continuous visibility as organizations across the globe turn to cloud and SaaS technology to ensure the success of their digital transformations.

The cpe40 is container based and can be deployed in seconds on Cisco Catalyst 9300 and 9400 switches at a remote site to monitor that location’s connectivity and performance to the larger enterprise network infrastructure and associated cloud network targets. The cpe40 can also be used to monitor specific application performance from a remote site using HTTP workflows from that location. Even when used as a monitoring target itself, the cpe40 can provide a reference point for network performance monitoring within the LAN/WLAN environment or beyond.

The cpe40 builds on AppNeta’s class-leading, enterprise-grade suite of physical, virtual and software monitoring point solutions, which enable visibility across a diverse array of cloud and vendor environments, from anywhere users are located. This enables AppNeta to deliver the widest breadth of network visibility in the industry, covering workstations, containers, customer premise equipment, and all virtual and physical appliances. IT can then seamlessly orchestrate and monitor these connections via a single pane of glass, regardless of deployment choice, to gain comprehensive network performance visibility—from home WiFi environments up to 100 Gbps data centers—for the most accurate understanding of end-user performance.

“As enterprises embark on deploying a wealth of new tools and technologies to support a more agile workforce than ever before, vendors are increasingly shipping equipment with more native power to handle additional tasks from a common platform,” said Mike Hustler, AppNeta’s CTO. “With the introduction of the cpe40, AppNeta lets customers instantaneously leverage existing infrastructure to give them additional performance visibility from the remote locations where it matters most.”

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