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AppNeta Launches 2020 Enterprise App Report Card

Inaugural research shines a light on the top Messaging, Collaboration, Social Media, Streaming and Gaming Apps populating enterprise networks today

January 23, 2020

BOSTON, MASS., January 23, 2020 — AppNeta, the leader in actionable, 4-Dimensional network performance monitoring, today announces the publication of the 2020 Enterprise App Report Card, offering an insightful analysis of the most popular applications on enterprise networks today, from business-critical messaging tools to social media and gaming platforms. By looking at both the total number of users and the aggregate throughput each of these applications demand (using anonymized customer data), the study sheds light on how enterprise network capacity is allocated, and what that could mean for enterprise network performance.

From bridging the geographical gaps between employees to helping IT teams streamline their hardware stack, SaaS apps and cloud solutions are transforming workflows in practically all areas of the business while enabling enterprise growth.The 2020 Enterprise App Report Card aims to help enterprise IT better understand if their networks are equipped today to handle their current roster of apps, and whether or not they’ll be able to maintain visibility into end user experience as their network footprint becomes increasingly crowded.

The study is broken into five chapters for analysis: Top Messaging Apps, Top Collaboration Apps, Top Social Networking Apps, Top Streaming Media Apps and Top Gaming Apps. While not all of the platforms evaluated in the report may be deemed “business-critical,” it’s important that IT teams have visibility into every application leveraging network capacity, as some non-essential, high-throughput programs (ie. streaming media) could negatively impact tools that are essential to business success.

“SaaS has been a game-changer for enterprises, helping them streamline countless workloads and drive meaningful business outcomes. But it’s also introduced new challenges for enterprise IT teams as a wealth of next generation applications soak up network capacity,” said AppNeta CEO Matt Stevens. “The 2020 Enterprise App Report Card empowers enterprises to visualize the impact of business critical applications on their production networks in order to be future-ready.”

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