What You Get With AppNeta Performance Manager

See the Right Data When You Need It

There is more data being transmitted every second than ever before, thanks to our distributed world and the increasing adoption of cloud services. Data collection and analysis continues growing in importance, and big data analysis can bring a lot of business benefits.

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Legacy monitoring data collection, using SNMP and wire data, requires overhead for setup, backup and maintenance and has a high upfront cost for the servers and storage to operate. AppNeta stores data in the cloud so it is accessible when you need it, without worrying that there's not enough storage. And AppNeta always provides instant insights, no matter how much data you've got or where it's stored.

AppNeta uses a mix of AWS and Google BigQuery to power troubleshooting requests, so you can see data in seconds, whether one hour or 30 days' worth. We take every precaution to secure your data between your deployed Monitoring Points and cloud providers. To learn more, check out our security page.

Don't get caught waiting for queries or reports when end users call. The quick response and turnaround time of AppNeta's data queries are part of our fast resolution times for any performance issues. We also have an API so that you can take our data anywhere you want.