What You Get With AppNeta Performance Manager

How AppNeta Helps You Improve End-User Experience

The AppNeta performance monitoring platform provides customers access to performance data across all locations, along with detailed reporting and alerting. AppNeta offers the most flexible deployment models in the industry, with both SaaS or on-premises delivery available. 98% of our customers use our multi-tenant SaaS solution, so they can scale without worrying about infrastructure costs.

Our platform incorporates big data analytics to meet the needs of modern enterprises, using AWS and Google BigQuery to power troubleshooting requests. It also integrates with the products you use already through our extensive API. Our embeddable charts also allow you to pull our data into any portal. AppNeta’s performance monitoring platform ensures that data being transferred and stored is secure.

Additional benefits of our performance monitoring platform include:

  • Low upfront cost, since you don't need to buy the servers and storage
  • No ongoing IT overhead to maintain the service, including updating all monitoring points
  • Architecture designed for high availability and automatic backup
  • Easy expansion as your organization's locations and application needs grow
  • No cost for adding user accounts or embedding monitoring content in external services
  • Easy access to data anywhere on the web
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Take Advantage of Universal Deployment

AppNeta can be deployed into just about any environment, with both physical and virtual deployment options. AppNeta combines the convenience of SaaS with the customization of on-premises. Beyond SaaS, we offer dedicated hosting to customize the domain and branding or deploy the whole solution on-premises.

AppNeta fits your needs, however you deploy:

SaaS Public Cloud

  • Immediate deployment
  • Simple user management
  • Free secure data storage
  • Scales with you as you grow

Private Cloud

  • Hardware or virtual deployment
  • Simple user management
  • Secure data storage
  • Easily scalable

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Monitor business-critical SaaS applications from any location with AppNeta

Monitor business-critical SaaS applications from any of your company’s locations

Test Endpoints Anywhere

Managing a global footprint of end users can be a challenge. With AppNeta you can test to any IP-addressable endpoint (IPv4 and IPv6) for end-to-end performance monitoring from your office to SaaS apps, data centers or remote offices. Our global monitoring points and customer deployments allow you to test from anywhere. We currently maintain monitoring points around the world, so you can see what users are experiencing at any given moment from the location closest to them.

Our performance monitoring platform can handle testing in multiple situations:

  • Monitoring points can send data through MPLS, IPSec VPN and SSL VPN tunnels
  • Automated synthetic scripting can be sent from any location
  • Monitoring points with wired, wireless and VPN interfaces

Take Your Data With You

AppNeta’s API allows customers to take their data to any platform they desire with a comprehensive REST API. The API interface allows for simple testing of data retrieval or creation across the platform, offering flexibility to push data to third parties.

AppNeta’s API allows customers to take their data to any platform they desire with a comprehensive REST API