AppNeta APM Partner Program

Enhance Your Solutions. Generate Revenue.

The AppNeta suite of Full Stack APM tools is available to industry leaders through one turn-key partner program.

Partnering with AppNeta

By incorporating AppNeta’s solutions, partners cannot only benefit from an increased top line and critical product differentiation; they also experience lower support costs and a reduced mean time to resolution for application-related issues.

The AppNeta APM Partner Program helps you win in two important ways:

Boost Top Line Revenues

SaaS APM is a dynamic service opportunity that has market potential from SaaS / eCommerce players through mid tier and large enterprise accounts.

Stop Customer Churn

From abandoned shopping carts to unhappy SaaS cutomers, poor overall site performance has a real cost impact. AppNeta’s affordable, simple to deploy solution gets to the root cause fast.

Managed Service Providers

In order to satisfy the users demands for a positive experience, MSP’s need tools that can answer the questions: Who is using my application? Is it available? How well is it performing? And, are the users experiencing what they expect? AppNeta is the only vendor to offer Full Stack APM, in a SaaS offering, from the application, through the network, all the way to the end user. Managed service providers include AppNeta’s functionality in their offerings to provide monitoring capabilities to their customer base.

Technology Services Vendors

Technology services vendors recommend and refer AppNeta to their customers and can offer AppNeta services as part of their offerings. Partners in this category include mobile and web application design, development, testing, performance assurance, and optimization providers.

“By offering AppNeta'a integrated APM suite with our MSP automation platform, we have an innovative solution to locate and fix problems before end-users are affected.”

VP Sales | N-Able

Why Partner with AppNeta?

Industry's only turn-key APM solution

  • Start NOW with a simple to deploy SaaS offering
  • Results in 90 days or less!

The complete Performance Management suite - only AppNeta has Full-Stack SaaS APM

  • code-level insight for custom web apps
  • A complete end-user experience suite for any web application (Custom web or public SaaS)
  • Network insight to pinpoint problems FAST

Critical Components for Success

  • Complete co-branding and launch support
  • Top tier sales & marketing enablement
  • World-class support services
  • Flexible programs from Reference Sell to OEM