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AppNeta Performance Manager offers complete performance visibility from the end user's perspective, providing details into the usage, delivery and experience of cloud and SaaS applications.

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Better end-user experience
Get last-mile performance visibility, so you can see exactly what your user is seeing.

Faster ROI and more productivity:
Make sure business-critical applications are performing for employees.

Cut downtime and costs:
See both application and network performance issues anywhere.

AppNeta Performance Manager sees your cloud, web and SaaS applications to monitor traffic levels over time

Identify your top applications by office to monitor traffic levels over time 

The AppNeta difference

Our performance monitoring software delivers user insights in seconds with our powerful monitoring technology. We start by identifying what apps are running on your network to determine what traffic is critical. Then, we create monitoring paths and synthetic monitors targeting apps so that users can see the impact, performance and network context for all of their business-critical apps. AppNeta also ensures that you have access to your data anywhere by working with your existing tools.

Breakthrough technology

Our technology combines core and patented technologies to create a platform built for monitoring the distributed digital enterprise. Our technologies include our TruPath technology, Deep Packet Inspection engine and advanced Selenium-based scripting. All of these combine to provide an unparalleled view into web application performance across your enterprise that includes deep diagnostics and actionable metrics to solve network issues fast.

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Get the top network and application delivery metrics into the cloud

Top network and application delivery metrics for every hop along the way

See route history data for performance correlation for any application or network

Route history data for performance correlation

Integrated big data platform

Our performance monitoring software handles billions of transactions and delivers insights in seconds. By saving more data for more metrics than any other web application monitoring solution, AppNeta provides unique historical and up-to-date insight on every application used by your organization.

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Easy deployment

AppNeta deployment is fast and flexible, allowing you to roll out our performance monitoring tool in a fraction of the time of other systems. With monitoring points offered physically and virtually at various sizes, you can right-size your deployment to cover your entire organization. 

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Monitoring tools from AppNeta come with physical and virtual deployment options for any architecture

Physical and virtual deployment options for any architecture

AppNeta's responsive, dedicated support team answers your monitoring questions

Responsive, dedicated support

Steadfast support

AppNeta provides responsive, dedicated support to every customer for no extra charge. We ensure smooth onboarding and quick issue resolution, and make sure you are running our latest and greatest software version all the time. Our team will get you on your way to better web application and network performance monitoring in no time at all.

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