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Office 365

Boost Productivity with Office 365 Monitoring

Office 365 is at the core of everything your company does. Email, data analysis, content generation and collaboration can all come to a halt if Office 365 slows down. With AppNeta, you can proactively monitor connections from your users to your instance of Office 365. You can see exactly when and where performance issues hit and fix them fast.

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Make the Office 365 Experience Better

If Office is slow, your whole team is slow. There are few other apps that can be as directly tied to productivity than Office 365 is to your organization. Being able to email, collaborate and create is essential to getting business in the door.

  • Identify where problems are: WiFi, LAN, DNS, WAN or with Microsoft
  • Ensure that recreational apps aren't stealing capacity planned for Microsoft Apps
  • Create benchmarks: See how network and user behavior changes affect performance over time
  • Deliver consistently good experiences with proactive alerting

Improve Office 365 for Every User

When you've got every employee working in a platform almost every minute of the day, you're going to see issues. Those include ghost issues of poor performance, choppy video conferences and failed online meetings. When it's not a simple operator error fix, you’re going to need a powerful troubleshooting solution in your corner. AppNeta is that solution.

Be the Hero

Office 365 serves every user in your company. When it slows down, everyone notices. You'll want to take charge of those high-visibility issues before they escalate. AppNeta can alert you to abnormal conditions before users notice any issues. You'll solve performance problems fast regardless of whether the user is in the office, at home, or on the go.

Set Up Proactive Alerting

Be the first to know when Office 365 is slowing down no matter who is at fault using synthetic transactions scripted against the instances that serve your users. You'll be able to identify the network performance, the users accessing Office 365, and see the quality of each user's performance, including latency and retransmit rate. You can proactively test performance inside the application with web synthetics using Selenium.

For the network, use active TCP-based monitoring over the same path as your traffic. AppNeta continuously puts lightweight packets on the line for real-time data on Office 365 performance. Our technology sees into software-defined networking environments all the way to the cloud server. It's an approach that solves modern problems, unlike traditional monitoring that relies on BGP and SNMP.

See end-user experience spikes in the network layer of a synthetic script with monitoring

End user experience spikes stemming from the network layer of a synthetic script

Take Charge of Office 365 Visibility

For office-based employees or globally distributed users, AppNeta can pinpoint where the root cause of issues are no matter how they connect. Quickly identify if issues stem from local networks, last-mile ISPs, transit networks, or Microsoft environments. AppNeta allows you to bring the right information to the right people to get issues fixed and keep employees productive.

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