Network Performance Monitoring

See detailed performance of every network hop for any application

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Network Monitoring for Modern IT

As applications become more complex, they rely more on fast network connections. SaaS dependence, API-driven integrations and distributed users all require strong corporate IT networks for support. Now that both applications and data are decentralized, the requirements for mapping and monitoring enterprise networks have changed.

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Traditional monitoring tools were not designed to provide visibility into applications delivered via the WAN, whether they are internal or third-party SaaS apps. But AppNeta was designed from the ground up to solve this problem. AppNeta offers unparalleled insight into your SaaS apps, remote sites, public cloud infrastructure or private cloud deployments.

Continuous Monitoring Helps Problems Resolve Faster

AppNeta normally runs in a frequent but low-impact testing mode (via our patented TruPath™ technology), which means it will have close to zero impact on your network and applications while still providing continuous visibility. But when AppNeta detects an issue, it automatically starts gathering more data. When your team sees the alert, AppNeta has already gathered additional context to get to the root cause of the issue.

Get Visibility Across any Network

Solving user problems and closing help desk tickets is tough if you don’t have visibility. And visibility is hard to get when you’re using web applications, because you don’t own the infrastructure or the network that delivers it. Yet you’re still responsible for the end-user experience. You’re the one getting the calls when things aren’t working. With AppNeta, unlike traditional monitoring tools, you get the visibility you need into all networks and apps, so you can get definitive answers and solve problems faster than you ever thought.

Make Remote Monitoring Easier

AppNeta is the best tool for monitoring a large amount of remote locations. If your business has 50 or more offices, you know that scaling IT across that number of locations is difficult. You don’t have the dollars to staff IT at every location, so you’re left to centrally manage IT with tools that are fairly limited in what they see of end-user experience at those locations. With AppNeta, you’ll be able to understand, measure and monitor end-user experience across your entire organization without leaving your office. And with features like remote packet capture, AppNeta lets you troubleshoot the hairiest of IT issues without having to hop on a plane.

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