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While you're on the go, AppNeta has both a mobile app for quick responsive tests and a mobile-ready interface for all of your devices. At remote offices, supply key employees with the AppNeta mobile app or use a physical AppNeta device to monitor the WiFi along with your wired interfaces.

Use AppNeta's monitoring tool app on a tablet like an iPad

Verify application and network performance from any device with our responsive SaaS app

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AppNeta Performance Manager is available as a mobile app for mobile phones


The traditional way of testing a network is through flooding. This approach can give you key insights into the capacity available, but comes at the cost of rendering your network unusable to your users and applications. 

AppNeta developed PathTest as the most advanced flooding tools as a way to validate the accuracy of our lightweight application delivery path monitoring. We encourage customers to test using the approach they are familiar with and then with our Delivery module to see the accuracy possible with the TruPath technology.

With AppNeta's PathTest iOS app, you can:

  • Determine your network's actual upload and download performance
  • Measure the performance from your network to multiple internet targets or enter custom targets on your LAN or WAN
  • Validate data or VoIP performance—in seconds!
  • Easily share your PDF results with colleagues

PathTest is also available as a desktop app for Windows and Linux here.