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Stay Ahead of Performance Monitoring for G Suite

Google apps are everywhere in today's businesses. From Gmail to Sheets, users need speed and flexibility to create content, collaborate with colleagues or prepare for the big presentation. AppNeta makes sure you're always at your fastest.

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Optimize your Google Experience

If Google Docs are slow, your whole team is slow. There are few other apps that can be as directly tied to organizational productivity as G Suite. Being able to email, collaborate and create is essential to getting business in the door. With AppNeta, you can:

  • Identify where problems are: LAN, WAN or with Google
  • Ensure that recreational apps aren't stealing capacity planned for Google Apps 
  • Benchmark performance over time so you're not caught with slow content
  • Deliver consistently good experiences with proactive alerting

Help Every User, Every Day

When you've got every employee working in a platform almost every minute of the day, you're going to see issues. Those could be ghost issues of poor performance, lost emails or missing docs. When it's not a simple user error problem, you're going to need a powerful troubleshooting tool. AppNeta is that tool.

Find the Secret Location of Your Email Server

Well, that might be a stretch. Still, you likely don't know much about your actual G Suite instance, though it might at least be the same one your colleagues are accessing. By monitoring against your specific instance, you can see where it is and how long a normal request should take. When employees complain about slow performance, you can correlate by office location, users and apps to troubleshoot whether the issue is in your network, the internet or on Google's side.

Be the IT Hero

G Suite serves every user in your company. If it slows down, all those users are going to notice. With high-visibility issues, you need to take charge before they escalate. AppNeta alerts you to abnormal conditions before users are aware and help you solve performance problems fast.

Put Proactive Alerting in Place

Be the first to know when Google is slowing down with synthetic transactions scripted against your instances. For the network, use the same path your traffic does with active TCP-based monitoring. Unlike traditional monitoring that uses BGP and SNMP, AppNeta continuously puts lightweight packets on the line for real-time data on Google performance.