It's not about how many eyes you have. It’s about how much you can see.

You wouldn't watch a movie on half a screen. Or pick a pair of glasses with just one lens. So when it comes to your network performance monitoring solution, why accept anything less than the full picture?

AppNeta uses four-dimensional monitoring to analyze network and app data, including network paths, flows, packets, and web/URLs to deliver deep, hop-by-hop visibility from the end-user's perspective. The result? 10x the accuracy of other leading solutions for faster identification and resolution. And because AppNeta is designed to scale, our pricing model is simple and predictable, seamlessly adjusting with your organisational growth.

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Comprehensive Coverage

The only truly comprehensive solution, AppNeta offers the visibility needed to identify problems across business-critical apps and remote offices.

Sharp Accuracy

With 10x the accuracy, scalability, and app coverage, AppNeta's design eliminates guesswork to get to the source of a problem faster.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Flexible to deploy, AppNeta scales for predictable pricing no matter how your business changes.

Why AppNeta?

AppNeta Performance Manager delivers actionable insight into real-time application and network performance. Get hop-by-hop details for internal and external networks from the end-user perspective.

We are trusted by 4 out of the 5 largest cloud providers and 3 out of the 5 largest corporations.

We are recognised across the industry by:

AppNeta recognised on the Inc. 5000 for the Fifth Time.
AppNeta performance monitoring technology won a top spot for most promising enterprise software from CIO Software.
IT pros told Network World that AppNeta performance monitoring technology was a favorite too.
Leading analyst firm Gartner named AppNeta a Cool Vendor for our monitoring software.
AppNeta tops the list of Enterprise Networking Magazine's leaders in the Network Monitoring
IT Infra World names AppNeta performance monitoring one of its top 10 IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solution Providers.