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Network Performance Monitoring Built for the Cloud

When it comes to delivering a comprehensive network performance monitoring solution, no platform can match the sheer amount of detail that AppNeta delivers. Our platform combines four dimensions of monitoring data—network paths, flows, packets, and web/URLs—that give centralized IT a local perspective into end-user experience, regardless of where users reside.

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Four Dimensional Monitoring
Get active instrumentation and packet-level data to support network transformation projects

Network Path




Network Path

We actively monitor the network path by measuring the health and availability of the network end-to-end, hop-by-hop, to help teams pinpoint “where” network issues occur.


We combine flow data with DPI analysis to identify real end-user experience for all applications on the network, delivering a high-level view of overall performance.


We then dig into the actual data from packets on the network to give teams the granular detail they need to determine root cause when issues arise.


Web synthetics tie it all together to give teams a baseline for app performance as it changes overtime, empowering enterprise IT to take a proactive approach to ensure performance before it actually impacts users.

Comprehensive Coverage

The only comprehensive solution that tackles network monitoring from four dimensions, accounting for network paths, flows, packets and synthetic Web/URL data.

Sharp Accuracy

With 10x the accuracy, scalability and app coverage, AppNeta is designed to deliver the fastest possible MTTI and MTTR.

Unparalleled Flexibility

AppNeta can be deployed across 10 to 10,000 locations, allowing teams to scale as their business changes with a predictable pricing model.

Why AppNeta?

AppNeta Performance Manager delivers actionable insight into real-time application and network performance. Get hop-by-hop details for internal and external networks from the end-user perspective.

We are trusted by 4 out of the 5 largest cloud providers and 3 out of the 5 largest corporations.

We are recognized across the industry by:

AppNeta Recognized on the Inc. 5000 for the Fifth Time.
AppNeta performance monitoring technology won a top spot for most promising enterprise software from CIO Software.
IT pros told Network World that AppNeta performance monitoring technology was a favorite too.
Leading analyst firm Gartner named AppNeta a Cool Vendor for our monitoring software.
AppNeta tops the list of Enterprise Networking Magazine's leaders in the Network Monitoring
IT Infra World names AppNeta performance monitoring one of its top 10 IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solution Providers.