Ways to Deploy AppNeta

Use the Analysis Server That Works for Your Business

AppNeta works how your business works, with flexible deployment options. We offer both public and private instances of our tools, including as a VM or physical server, to address the range of infrastructure options that our customers use. Consider your particular needs and existing setup when you're choosing a public or private AppNeta deployment.

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Public Cloud

All AppNeta customers can use, and most do, the cloud-based instance hosted by AppNeta. We offer a secure, highly reliable service to which all Monitoring Points securely upload data. Larger customers or those wanting additional isolation can opt for a dedicated instance for an extra fee.

Private Deployment

With AppNeta's private deployment, customers can use the power of AppNeta fully on-premises. With up to 1,000 monitoring points per virtual instance, our private deployment can handle any size infrastructure. AppNeta's private deployment option comes as a KVM or VMWare virtual machine which can be hosted on your own cloud or VM infrastructure.