Network Visibility for Any Weather

Whatever cloud you choose—public, hybrid or private—AppNeta has your deployment covered.

You are moving your infrastructure for a reason, but reducing visibility isn't one of them. Let AppNeta provide the application and network visibility that gives you confidence in your operations. AppNeta is designed to be device and deployment agnostic. We can provide performance monitoring for any cloud architecture. Place our Monitoring Points on-premises, inside virtual hosts or next to the code to enhance network visibility across your organization.

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public cloud Public Cloud

Use the cloud that suits your business best and know that AppNeta can offer unparalleled network visibility into AWS, Azure, Google or any others.

Using any public cloud provider, your traffic will pass through hops on the open internet and then hit the firewall of the provider. What happens after that firewall is a mystery to BGP-based solutions. AppNeta can show you where your data goes when it travels the software-defined networks of any cloud provider.

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hybrid cloud Hybrid Cloud

Monitor all networks, from offices to traditional data centers to the cloud. AppNeta offers bi-directional monitoring for any connection to identify congestion between your users, data and locations.

With applications split between data centers, cloud providers and remote locations, you need better visibility into what your traffic is experiencing. Congestion, delays and jitter can kill business-critical applications. If you are not looking at the whole picture, end to end, then you'll waste precious hours troubleshooting the root cause of performance issues.

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private cloud Private Cloud

SNMP can tell you if an app or network is running, but AppNeta assures that it's running smoothly. Complex private cloud deployments need modern network monitoring between hosts, data centers and office locations.

Moving your data out of your office and into a data center adds physical and logical distance between your apps and your end users. Latency will increase, but with AppNeta you can ensure that end-user experience doesn't suffer.

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Now we can say ‘it’s not a network problem and here is the report that shows why’ and have full confidence. Sometimes it is a network issue. And when it is we know that it is from a bad hop, or that we’re losing packets. We can see the weak link in the chain, and get it fixed.

- Paul Crist
Network Services Manager, Bon-Ton