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Call Center Monitoring

Better Call and Chat Quality, Fewer User Issues

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In the world of IT, call centers and virtual call centers can be the perfect storm of complexity. They're often physically distributed locations, with little to no IT on-site, that need consistently good performance to ensure optimal productivity. Plus, you'll need to support some of the most demanding web apps at those call centers like help desk ticketing and VoIP or video solutions.

Solve Your Call Center Problems

Provide the Best Call Quality

Call quality is the most essential element in a call center. AppNeta monitors voice and video traffic by continuously measuring capacity, latency, voice loss and voice jitter over the wire between locations, whether the main data center or remote or user locations. AppNeta gives you a real-time view of end-user experience, using methodologies that allow for deep diagnostics. AppNeta also tracks the industry-standard mean opinion score (MOS) for up-to-the-minute detail on call quality. You can set thresholds for any metric to alert you when quality is falling (or if QoS is not being honored), and fix issues before your call center users are affected.

Master Shadow IT

Become the champion of apps with AppNeta by monitoring usage to see which apps are in use at every location under your control. AppNeta can help you find rogue SaaS apps that your employees depend on, but never told you about (see Shadow IT). You can also determine which business-critical apps aren't getting the resources they need by identifying exactly what's happening, whether it's over-streaming of YouTube in Chicago, SnapChat in San Francisco or Spotify in Boston.

Jump the Resource Gap

Remote or branch locations, including call centers, often don't have any IT staff or technical employees on-site. It's nearly inevitable that the gap in tech staff resources will lead to delays in services to those locations. The high costs of traveling to those locations or staffing them can be prohibitive for many businesses, but ignoring issues or failing to meet their needs isn't an option. You need to take charge to help eliminate help desk tickets before they appear.