Wireshark and PathView Cloud: An Unbeatable Combination for Network Troubleshooting
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WiresharkOpen source award winner Wireshark is probably the most widely deployed network protocol analyzer/packet sniffer out there. It lets you capture and interactively browse network traffic, and shows the packets to you in a human-readable form. Wireshark is the tool that first made the world of network and application troubleshooting accessible to IT staff.

Thanks to the contributions of networking experts worldwide, Wireshark has grown in sophistication and power. Its analysis capabilities now include the areas that pose the greatest challenges for today’s network administrators, such as VoIP and Wi-Fi troubleshooting.

According to InfoWorld, “This tool is one that should always be with you.” And eWeek named it one of the most important open-source apps of all time.

Yesterday kicked off SHARKFEST 2011, the Wireshark developer and user conference, happening from June 13-16 at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. AppNeta is thrilled to be joining Wireshark users from far and wide to share knowledge about optimizing network infrastructure and managing performance of network-dependent applications.

Wireshark users get seamlessly integrated packet capture analysis with AppNeta’s PathView Cloud; you can easily analyze the detailed forensic information from packet captures from anywhere, anytime, through our simple, secure and highly affordable cloud-based service. And you can define the performance thresholds that trigger a capture — No sorting through gigabytes of traffic unrelated to your performance problem!  With the FlowView Plus (including remote site packet capture!) module, PathView Cloud lets you securely access captures through the cloud with on-demand packet captures in response to network performance problems – at any remote location.

PathView Cloud is designed specifically with a Wireshark compatible filter syntax and compressed file format – so there’s no need to learn a new interface for packet analysis.

PathView Cloud and the FlowView Plus module provide the most efficient and cost-effective method available for correlating real-time network performance data and packet capture data. Seamless integration with Wireshark adds even more power and value.

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