Why it’s important to truly “experience” your network
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Now more than ever, your enterprise network is the critical backbone that drives the success of your business. It supports your primary channels for customer outreach, the tools your employees use every day to get the job done, and the lines of communication for the entire organization as the way we work evolves.

That’s why it’s never been more critical for you to have a comprehensive understanding of your network performance and a meaningful way to truly experience your network the way your users and apps do. When you have the insights you need to actually feel the strains and stresses on your network in real-time, you’ll be best equipped not just to support your rapidly expanding footprint, but to evolve your technology infrastructure for business success for the long-term.

Network performance for the new way of working

In the past, enterprise IT largely played a reactive role in the organization, offering support and answering requests from their perch within a largely headquarters-centric enterprise structure. This reactive nature has led to IT being thought of as a cost center where business-level benefits are disconnected.

While recent events have thrown the “old way” of understanding IT out the window, the transformation has really been underway for the better part of the last decade. Cloud adoption and the rise of SaaS and web apps have accelerated enterprise decentralization and spurned a wealth of agile and innovative networking solutions, making it so that most of the actual “business” taking place in the enterprise today happens over this critical network infrastructure.

While face-to-face interactions haven’t gone out the window in driving business success, we now see most of these faces on our devices, delivered via SaaS platforms that rely on network resources to effectively get the message across. Whether these faces are of a prospective customer, a critical business partner, or a knowledge worker at a remote location, all of this communication is critical to driving business success – and relies on effective network connections.

Communication solutions are just one facet, as nearly every tool your users require relies on your network to function and succeed. This puts you and your IT team at the heart of the modern enterprise.

Experience the networks beyond your control

Your team also needs to be able to understand performance in areas of the network that they may not own or control outright. Multi-cloud adoption, for instance, is surging in the enterprise, and requires you to track app performance within cloud and third-party networks to get to the bottom of issues that were caused outside of your network domain.

And as more workers go remote or take up “work-from-home,” you’re going to need insight into the various ISPs supporting connectivity where your users live so that you can truly gain a local perspective into the experience of your end users. This is true for ensuring good performance of current tools and for strategic planning in the future.

At the end of the day, you need data that can help you visualize your network end-to-end so that you can experience performance for any app or user, regardless of where your location is.

It’s this deep belief that IT must be able to truly experience the network to drive the success of the entire organization that motivates AppNeta. This is why we’ve decided to make “Experience your network” our new tagline, putting emphasis on the essential infrastructure that acts as the backbone for the modern enterprise.

AppNeta allows users to experience their network by delivering comprehensive, hop-by-hop visibility into all the users and apps that are critical to the success of your business. Going beyond a device-centric approach, AppNeta experiences the network the same way applications do to give IT a true picture of end-to-end performance. By providing clear insights into Network Delivery, Application Usage and End-User Experience, AppNeta empowers IT to understand the performance of any application, in any office, for all users.

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