Why a microAppliance?
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microappliance from appnetaWhen talking to prospective PathView customers, a common question we receive is why we utilize a hardware microAppliance when most remote performance management firms offer a pure software offering.  The move from a software sequencer to a hardware microAppliance for the PathView Remote Performance Management Service is to promote the highest quality service to our customers. An inherent problem with software agents in monitoring applications is that the performance of the hardware in which the application is installed will effect the results of the performance monitoring application.  In the case of PathView Cloud, any degradation in performance of the server hosting the sequencer will result in skewed results throughout the multi-hop network path being monitored.

The use of the hardware microAppliance allows PathView Cloud to be completely optimized for plug & play. The microAppliance is shipped with a static address and require less than five minutes to configure.  By utilizing the hardware microAppliance, we ensure a consistent quality of service for our customers, lower the need for support and troubleshooting, and allow for a short turn-around from time of sale to active performance monitoring.  Because the microAppliance is not part of the service price, any malfunctioning hardware is replaced free of charge.

Although the software sequencer is available for special circumstances, the microAppliance is recommended because of the ease and performance of the product. The choice to utilize the microAppliance does not increase the cost of PathView Cloud, but is instead offered as a value add, allowing for a zero-administration solution that is accessible from anywhere.

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