What’s New: Custom Tags for AppNeta Performance Manager
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We’re in the era of data; more data, more locations, and more users to support than ever before. With global footprints, large enterprises face new challenges when it comes to network performance. When tickets arise, for instance, a centralized IT operations team may not know physically where a user is, what ISP they are using, and what “normal” may look like.

In an effort to make it easier to analyze monitoring data, we’re introducing Tags.

The core problem we’re addressing with Tags is organization. As deployments grow we have a larger set of data to report on and more users that need curated views in order to understand the results and start taking action.

What is it?

Tagging is the application of contextual information about the customer organization and their environment on to the AppNeta platform and monitoring data.

This enables customers to organize (search, filter, group) AppNeta monitoring data in ways that match their mental model of their organization. This context enables AppNeta value to be understood by additional users and teams because it is based on their business.

Users are now able to:

  • Create, Assign, Remove tags during Path Creation, Configuration, from the list pages via bulk and individual actions
  • Search & Filter, Group results by Tag categories, enable Custom Tag Category columns
  • Manage Tags at Path Template Groups and have them automatically propagate to paths
  • Alerts are available in Events Integration and email alerts for Delivery Threshold evaluations
  • Lighter tags support for Web Paths, all actions available from the list page only

Customer Example:

A large industrial manufacturing customer with a global footprint needed a better understanding of performance across their sites. When issues arose, knowing who to call internally or even what ISP was in use at the site was difficult.

Fortunately, the customer has a CMDB (Configuration Management Database) which contains info about each of their global locations. By using AppNeta’s Custom Tags and the Integration Engine they were able to import the CMDB information and apply that data as tags to all of their network paths. The central team is now able to see the service level of each site, the ISP, the Site IT Manager, and their Deputy to contact if there is an issue.

The goal of introducing custom Tags (and every AppNeta enhancement) is to make managing and monitoring your network as seamless as possible, even as the number of network connections you are in charge of grows with your evolving footprint. Organization is key here, and by providing you with even more tools to keep all of your users, vendors and customers in view at any point in time, you’ll be able to more quickly suss out and alleviate performance issues as soon as they occur, while keeping your long-term transformation projects on track.

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